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6/11/2010 6:00 PM


Inside this Issue:

Safer Healthcare Now! Moving Forward with
Vigour presentations now available

Copies of presentations from the Safer Healthcare Now! Moving Forward with Vigour pre-conference held on April 12th, are now available on our website.  Click here to view or download a copy of the presentations.


Don’t Slip Up! Reduce Falls and Injury from Falls

Falls Prevention

Falls Prevention Virtual Learning Collaborative

The Falls Prevention Virtual Learning Collaborative is adapted from the Breakthrough Series Collaborative methodology. This learning collaborative creates a quality improvement learning network for interprofessional teams focused on reducing falls and injury from falls within a defined timeframe. The goal is to decrease the number of falls and fall related injuries in their healthcare setting by 40 per cent through use of high impact, evidence-based strategies contained in the Getting Started Kit: reducing falls and injury from falls and adoption of effective, quality improvement methodologies, resources and strategies that support practice change.

Three Virtual Learning Sessions and a Closing Congress will be held between September 2010 and March 2011.  Cycles of improvement (Action Periods) will take place between the Learning Sessions, and will be supported though participation in WebEx calls, an online Community of Practice, data submission and learning to use data for improvement. This exciting Collaborative will assist participating teams to test implement and measure practices known to help reduce falls and injury from falls.

Don’t Slip Up! Reduce Falls and Injury from Falls - enrolment begins in July 2010!


The New Approach to Superbugs:
Virtual Learning Initiative now underway

NACS - New approach to controlling superbugs 

Some 20 teams are learning positive deviance and social marketing methodologies to reduce healthcare-associated infections, in particular superbugs. This new initiative helps with controlling all superbugs, not just Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

The New Approach to Controlling Superbugs is a four-month virtual learning program that began on May 17. This virtual learning initiative consists of a series of webinars to introduce techniques to participating teams, and weekly faculty office hours to help support teams as they implement these techniques in their institution. More information is posted to the Events and Calls section of the Safer Healthcare Now! website.

It’s not too late to register! This is the first of three programs planned this year, with the next learning series beginning in September.  For further information, contact Leah Gitterman at


Social Media and Marketing Coordinator to advance patient safety

Social media is a powerful instrument that is here to stay and will change the way we interact. The Canadian Patient Safety Institute is looking for a Social Media and Marketing Coordinator to provide leading edge social media solutions to promote the Safer Healthcare Now! New Approach to Controlling Superbugs intervention. The Coordinator will develop and implement a social media strategy using social marketing techniques and positive deviance improvement methodologies to promote and spread the intervention.  If you have marketing or communications background and a thorough understanding of the social media world, we want to hear from you! 

Click here for more information.


Calling all AMI Teams: Improve AMI care through virtual learning

AMI - Time is Myocardium 

Time is Myocardium is a virtual learning Collaborative designed for teams from across Canada that want to improve acute myocardial infarction (AMI) care through timely administration of thrombolytic agents. Sessions begin on June 17th.  Register today!

Teams working with emergency AMI care, including Emergency Room nurses, Emergency Room Physicians, Cardiologists, Cardiology Technologists, Paramedics; Department/Service Mangers, Clinical Nurse Specialists or Educators, Respiratory Therapists, Quality Coaches and any other healthcare professionals who have an interest in improving AMI care will benefit from this Collaborative.

Click here for more information.


SSISpeakers Bureau for SSI teams

Safer Healthcare Now! has teamed up with Cardinal Health Canada to create a “Preventing Surgical Site Infection” Speakers Bureau.  Speakers will come to you to spread the surgical site infection (SSI) message at no cost to you!

Highlights of presentations will include:

  • Latest evidence on skin prep, weight-based dosing, antibiotic prophylaxis with C-sections, and the latest updates from the SSI Getting Started Kit
  • Cost benefit analysis on preventing SSIs
  • Key change management strategies that have worked in healthcare centres across Canada

If you need help implementing the SSI intervention, please contact Marlies van Dijk, Western Node Leader at or call 403-521-7106 for more information!


Med Rec Summer School - Kelowna

Medication Reconciliation teams from the Western provinces are invited to a two-day workshop on  June 17 and 18, in Kelowna (BC), sponsored by the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council and the Western Node of Safer Healthcare Now! 
Key objectives for the workshop are to:

  • Identify collective opportunities for a regional and provincially-coordinated approach to support implementation of Medication Reconciliation.
  • Examine and discuss approaches to Medication Reconciliation at discharge.
  • Explore opportunities for using current information technology solutions to support implementation of Medication Reconciliation.

If you have questions please contact the Western Node at or phone (403) 521-7106.  Click here for the Agenda and registration.


Stop! Clean Your Hands Day – a recap

The first-ever national, “Stop! Clean Your Hands Day” took place on May 5, 2010. This event was officially launched at North York General Hospital in Toronto with the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, Accreditation Canada and the Community and Hospital Infection Control Association-Canada (CHICA-Canada), who joined forces to support the practice of optimal hand hygiene in healthcare. You can watch the video of the news conference at

Over 500 registrants for Stop! Clean Your Hands Day received learning packages that included an observation card to monitor optimal hand hygiene practices in the healthcare setting.  Over 14,000 Canadians have completed the Discovery Campus Learning Module, and all healthcare providers are encouraged to take part in this learning opportunity as part of the ongoing Canada’s Hand Hygiene Challenge.

For more information and to access the resources noted above, please visit


STOP! Clean Your Hands Day at Rouge Valley -
A hands-on experience

At Rouge Valley Health System, an acute-care hospital serving the communities of east Toronto and west Durham, their vision is to be “the best at what we do.” This vision is about quality and expertise, as well as passion—and the hospital never misses an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to it. When Canada’s first-ever STOP! Clean Your Hands Day rolled in on May 5, 2010, Rouge Valley was on board!
“Good hand hygiene is always a priority at Rouge Valley,” says Jayshree Somani, Infection Control Practitioner. “After all, it goes, pardon the pun, hand- in-hand with ensuring quality care and patient safety. STOP! Clean Your Hands Day was an opportunity for Rouge Valley to demonstrate, educate and celebrate.”
Hand hygiene display tables were set-up at both hospital campuses, staffed by the infection control team and hand hygiene champions. The showstopper at these tables was the Glo Germ demonstration, allowing people to see just how thoroughly they clean their hands. Educational posters, pamphlets and giveaways were also handed out. The tables were well received by staff and visitors, and generated enthusiasm throughout the entire hospital.
Rouge Valley also ran educational ads on hand hygiene in the local newspapers and changed the screensaver on every computer in the hospital to reflect STOP! Clean Your Hands Day. The intranet site was updated with new hand hygiene information and resources and a new hand hygiene web page was created for the public (
Finally, on STOP! Clean Your Hands Day, Rouge Valley celebrated how well the hospital is living its vision. “Every time we sanitize with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash our hands with soap and water, we are ensuring better care and safety for our patients,” says Jayshree.


Social Media and Patient Safety


At Canada’s Forum on Patient Safety & Quality Improvement we heard from Rahaf Harfoush, new media expert that was a member of President Barack Obama’s Social Media Team.  We began to learn more about how social media can work as a communication tool in patient safety. 

We would like to hear from you, and know where you are.  Are you connected to Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? YouTube?  Email? Let us know!  We want to join you!

This is where you can find the Canadian Patient Safety Institute:

Email Abisaac at and let us know where you are, so we can be part of your network.