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2/19/2014 5:00 PM

Join the National Call on February 27th to learn more

Join the Hand Hygiene Audit: The Canadian Patient Safety Institute along with their partners in STOP! Clean Your Hands Day 2014 – the Public Health Agency of Canada, Accreditation Canada and Infection Prevention and Control Canada - invite you to participate in the Canadian Hand Hygiene Audit to establish a national perspective on hand hygiene practices.  By participating in the national audit you will be a part of a movement aimed at raising awareness and improving hand hygiene.

In Canada, healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) affect more than 220,000 people every year and kill 8,000 to 12,000. Hand hygiene is the primary approach to reduce HCAIs and the spread of antimicrobial resistant organisms. The Hand Hygiene Audit will provide a snapshot of hand hygiene practices across the country. 

Observing compliance:  During the month of April 2014, healthcare organizations will observe hand hygiene practices (rub, wash or miss) for all four moments of Hand Hygiene (or according to your organization policy) and for all the healthcare provider categories.  The appropriate sample size and audit frequency for your organization is based on the number of inpatient beds. To participate in the audit, a minimum of 50 moments per unit is required.

Reporting is easy: The well-recognized and widely-used Hand Hygiene Observational tool will be used to collect data for acute and long term care. Homecare organizations currently conducting hand hygiene observations according to organizational policy and practice will be encouraged to compile their results for the month of April and submit them. Participating organizations using other observation tools are asked to submit their numerator and denominator for data collected during the month of April.

A Hand Hygiene Data Collection Tool is available at The tool uses optical mark recognition (OMR) technology, allowing users to complete the audit on paper, fax the data collected and have the result automatically uploaded into the Patient Safety Metrics system for reporting and analysis.

A detailed work book providing instructions on how to participate and tools to assist you in your data collection and reporting will be available in the days leading up to the audit event.

Analyzing data:  The data submitted will be analyzed, overall and by province, for total rate of compliance, compliance by each moment, and compliance by healthcare provider category. Results of individual healthcare organizations will not be shared publicly unless explicit consent has been provided.  Without written consent all data submitted will be presented in an aggregate form only.

Preliminary results of the Canadian Hand Hygiene Audit will be released on Monday, May 5, 2014 - STOP! Clean Your Hands Day - during the “What’s Your Hand In It” webinar.

Mark your calendars: Join a free information call on Thursday, February 27th to learn more about the Canadian Hand Hygiene Audit.  To learn more about how to conduct hand hygiene observations, join the national call on Thursday, March 27th.  Findings from the Hand Hygiene Audit and lessons learned will be outlined in a webinar scheduled for Tuesday, May 20th.  All calls take place at 12:00 Noon EST. 

Endorse the Hand Hygiene Audit:  All governing bodies and healthcare organizations are invited to endorse the Canadian Hand Hygiene Audit.  Send an email to indicating your support for this event and your organization will be recognized as an official endorser by having its name placed on the event page at