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5/23/2012 6:00 PM

With over 80,000 hip and knee replacement surgeries performed annually in Canada an unprecedented collaborative effort is being made to help reduce preventable complications in hip and knee surgery.

The Canadian Orthopaedic Association National Standards Committee, the Canadian Institute for Health Information, Accreditation Canada, and the Canadian Patient Safety Institute have jointly developed a public position statement, Improving Safety and Outcomes for Canadians Undergoing Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery, which promotes the adoption of a surgical safety checklist prior to commencing surgery and submission of a minimum data set to the Canadian Joint Replacement Registry after surgery. The participating organizations are promoting the protocol, as it combines the safety checklist before surgery and data submission to the registry as part of the post-operative debriefing, to help hospitals to comply with mandatory accreditation standards that improve patient safety. 

The safety checklist requires that critical steps be completed for all surgical patients to confirm that the surgical team has taken preventative measures and is properly prepared for potential complications or emergencies.  Data submission to the joint replacement registry, which occurs electronically during the surgery, makes it possible to match patients with an implant should problems surface with a particular device. The cumulative data is helping clinical researchers to develop more effective evidence-based care and track the performance of different types of hip and knee devices.

The Canadian Joint Replacement Registry (CJRR) was launched in 2001, to provide information on the use, effectiveness, safety and outcomes of hip and knee replacement surgery in Canada; currently the registry captures data from about 45 per cent of hip and knee replacements. To improve patient safety and outcomes, the collaborating organizations are promoting full use of both the Surgical Safety Checklist and the Canadian Joint Replacement Registry by all hospitals performing hip and knee replacement surgery.

To download a copy of the Surgical Safety Checklist, visit Click here to download a copy of the position statement, Improving Safety and Outcomes for Canadians Undergoing Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery.  For more information, contact Doug Thomson, CEO of the Canadian Orthopaedic Association at (514) 874-9003, ext. 5.