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CPSI Share                                                  
12/8/2010 5:00 PM

​​​​​​​​Patient Safety Education Project

The Patient Safety Education Project (PSEP)-Canada held a pilot session in Toronto (ON), from November 15 to 17, where some 40 participants and seven interprofessional teams were trained in the program, Become a PSEP-Canada Patient Safety Trainer. This two-and-a-half day conference focused on core patient safety content and effective teaching approaches to effectively drive patient safety improvements in healthcare organizations.

The Patient Safety Education Project was developed by Dr. Linda Emanuel and her team from Northwestern University and in partnership with the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI), content has been adapted for Canadian healthcare settings.  The sessions were led by Dr. Emanuel, faculty from Northwestern, and representatives from CPSI; together with a group of PSEP-Canada Master Facilitators from various Canadian healthcare institutions that have been trained to guide patient safety education in this peer-to-peer framework.

Teams attending the conference were challenged to consider innovative ways to deliver an education program that influences the growth and dissemination of practice improvement ideas in their home organization. Participation in the Become a PSEP-Canada Patient Safety Trainer conference allowed teams to tackle the very real challenge of influencing change, while at the same time emphasizing innovation, true engagement of peer professionals as well as capacity building to improve patient safety. The Canadian master facilitators hosting the conference modeled the use of role play, trigger tape clinical vignette discussions as well as case-based reviews. At the end of the Conference, participants were certified as PSEP Canada Patient Safety Trainers and are now equipped with a core curriculum with supporting materials such as video clips, to teach their colleagues core skills in patient safety.

Participants in the Become a PSEP-Canada Patient Safety Trainer conference must have commitment and support from an executive leader in their organization. The Executive sponsors attended a half-day executive track session on the final day of the conference to learn how to support implementation, and together with the participating teams developed next steps.

Teams participating in this pilot session included representatives from Brant Community Healthcare System (ON); Bridgepoint Health (ON);  Grand River and St. Mary’s General Hospitals (ON); Royal Victoria Hospital (ON), Safer Healthcare Now! (Atlantic Node); St. Michael’s Hospital (ON); and Trillium Health (ON).

The next pilot session of the Become a PSEP-Canada Patient Safety Trainer will take place from February 8 to 10, 2011 in Ottawa, Ontario.  For further details, contact Abigail Hain,