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8/4/2015 6:00 PM
​​This month’s Patient Safety Power Play goes out to all of our hard-working members of the Canadian healthcare community with a wish to thank you, as always, for your amazing efforts on behalf of others. A career in healthcare, whether on the front lines, behind the scenes, at the policy-making table, or in the home, is one of the most challenging of callings. By definition, healthcare workers think of others’ needs before their own. I urge you all to remember that you have to care for yourselves in order to build the strength to be able to care for others.Our precious Canadian summer months are often a time many choose to take some well-earned vacation. Those able to do so are fortunate to take some time to re-connect with the people, activities and values that make them the valuable workers they are. It is often in the less-structured time of vacation that we have the opportunity to think about how and why we work. Science, technology and knowledge are essential to today’s modern healthcare, however, so too is the ability to communicate with the patients and families accessing this care. Without good communication, effective healthcare is almost impossible. Whether the message is one of instruction, request, or all-important empathy – patients and families need to be able to receive the message correctly.That is why this year’s theme of Canadian Patient Safety Week and Canada’s Virtual Forum on Patient Safety and Quality Improvement is communication – in fact; good communication is good for your health is the slogan in which we here at the Canadian Patient Safety Institute strongly believe.Please have a look at the amazing resources and dedicated speakers all available during October 26 to 30th, 2015 visit www.asklistentalk.caWhat is your organization doing to celebrate Canadian Patient Safety Week? I’d love to hear from you. Email me at Yours in patient safety,Chris Power​​