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CPSI Share                                                  
11/3/2014 5:00 PM

​​Stephanie Howse, a Clinical Coordinator with Alberta Health Services was new to her position when one of her colleagues suggested that she use Safer Healthcare Now! Patient Safety Metrics to monitor medication reconciliation (MedRec) compliance across the Northern Lights Health Region. In June, Stephanie began submitting data to Patient Safety Metrics, and the reports have been extremely helpful in making improvements that have moved the bar on the five quality elements of medication reconciliation by up to 60 per cent.

Regular audits are conducted on the hospital units and faxed to Patient Safety Metrics. Reports are instantly generated that Stephanie uses to prepare monthly reports for her managers and MedRec meetings, and to provide education to staff on how well the units are doing.  “Patient Safety Metrics provides feedback of how we are doing,” says Stephanie.  “You can drill down and identify trends with the data. There are self-study modules available on how to interpret the data and the Central Measurement team is always available to troubleshoot and help you to better understand the findings.”

Stephanie says that she was surprised to find how intuitive and user-friendly the Patient Safety Metrics tool is. Recently, when reviewing their data she found an input error that had skewed their results and she was quickly able to correct it and produce updated reports that accurately reflected their improvement.

“Patient Safety Metrics is a great audit tool and I would highly recommend it,” says Stephanie.

For more information on Patient Safety Metrics, visit,, or email the Central Measurement Team at