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9/27/2015 6:00 AM

Patients for Patient Safety Canada (PFPSC) members continue to build their capacity and the capacity of other patient advisors to make care safer by advancing the patient's voice across the healthcare continuum. 

Last year, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute commissioned an independent evaluation to assess how the effectiveness and efficiency of PFPSC can be improved and what impact the program has made. The information gathered was used to inform the direction and operations of PFPSC and has served as a useful resource for similar patient-led programs and/or patient engagement policies. For more information on the independent evaluation, visit A copy of the independent evaluation can be obtained by emailing

At a webinar held on July 24, 2015, some 70 patient safety champions discussed ways to increase the impact of the partnership with patients/families in making care safer. The findings from the independent evaluation were highlighted during the webinar and used as a springboard for further discussion. This interactive discussion shared tips for providers looking to include the patient's voice in their work; and tips for patients and families who are taking on this consultancy role.

The participants encouraged healthcare organizations to think of patient engagement as a part of normal operations, not a one-time activity. Some suggestions provided include: involving patients meaningfully and effectively by recruiting the right patient for the right group; clarifying how patients will contribute to outcomes and goals; engaging patients/families from the beginning of the project; listening with an open mind and being respectful in your dialogue; allocating appropriate resources to support the partnership; supporting patients and families to tell their story; and compensating fairly and covering expenses for the individual's time. Click here to download a tip sheet developed from the webinar discussion.