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CPSI Share                                                  
12/20/2010 5:00 PM

​​​​​​​Canadian Patient Safety Institute Strategic Plan

The Canadian Patient Safety Institute Strategic Plan, “Safe Care ... Accepting No Less”, was unveiled in early December 2010. Since its release we’ve heard from a number of organizations and individuals from across the countries who have told us that the messaging is clear and concise, with broad appeal to engage multiple stakeholders. With a new vision: ‘Safe healthcare for all Canadians,’ and a mission: ‘To inspire extraordinary improvement in patient safety and quality,’ this document sets out our roles, priorities and goals for the next five years.  It reinforces who we are, and describes what success and sustainability looks like going forward. It positions Safer Healthcare Now! as a flagship program for the organization and promotes governance and patient safety education to sustain patient safety and quality efforts.

We invite you to explore our new Strategic Plan and we are eager to hear what you think!  Click here to access a copy of the new CPSI Strategic Plan and send your comments to: