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4/2/2014 6:00 PM

​​Leaders in healthcare gathered in Toronto last week to develop recommendation to improve the safety of surgical care in Canada. 

The Surgical Care Safety Summit was held on March 26, 2014 at the Sheraton Gateway in Toronto, Ontario. The summit was facilitated with great skill by Carolyn Hoffman, a senior leader in patient safety and quality improvement in healthcare. Participants came from across Canada with representation reaching from coast to coast including the Northwest Territories. As well as bringing geographical perspectives, participants also brought the voice of patients and their families plus clinicians and patient safety leaders from organizations such as hospitals, provincial health quality councils, ministries of health, organizations with national mandates and national professional organizations.


Surgical Summit.jpg 
Developing a shared purpose for a Surgical Care Safety Action Plan was the first goal of the Summit.  Great strides were made toward a shared purpose as participants came to agreement on seven gaps that must be addressed in surgical care safety in Canada. As often stated through the day, this is not a set of actions for CPSI, this is a set of actions for many to lead and to which many will need to contribute to improve safety for Canadian surgical patients.


The Summit also moved forward toward its second important goal which was to develop the high level components of a Surgical Care Safety Action Plan. At the end of the day seven actions were identified by participants as top priorities to address key gaps in surgical care safety in Canada.  A summit report including a call to action for these seven priorities is in development and will go to the summit participants for their review and feedback within three weeks following the Summit. Only through this level of collaboration can the gaps be closed in surgical care safety.