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2/5/2014 5:00 PM

​​Last week, I attended a good meeting in Toronto which was focused on creating a pan-Canadian call to action to improve the Canadian healthcare system.  The meeting, which was sponsored by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, consisted of a consortium of leading health care providers and provincial and territorial government representatives from across Canada.  I’m very pleased to report that the CMPA is one of the leading contributors in moving this plan forward.

It was clear to me and to everyone around the table – be they patient advocacy groups or government representatives – that the current level of safety in the healthcare system is unacceptable.  All of us agreed that the current level of patient suffering is too great, and we need to change this.

I affirmed the CMPA’s commitment to advancing safer medical care, as one of Canada’s leading providers of evidence-based risk management education. The medico-legal advice and assistance we provide to our members greatly helps reduce their risks in practice, and our contributions are clear.  It is also clear that in order to protect the integrity of our members, we need to continue to support and embrace the development of a safer healthcare system in all that we do.

I’m looking forward to our progress in this area, as there are many compelling reasons to participate in this call to action.  I will keep you informed of our progress in future blogs. 


Dr Hartley S. Stern
Executive Director/CEO

This blog post appears courtesy of the Canadian Medical Protective Association.