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10/15/2012 6:00 PM

​​​In 2010, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute embarked on an exciting partnership with Northwestern University, Chicago, USA to adapt a patient safety curriculum for practicing, frontline healthcare professionals in Canada. The PSEP program is built on a train the training team model which provides a peer to peer framework to guide patient safety education for all healthcare professionals.

The modules within the PSEP-Canada Program are continuously being tailored for the Canadian context and integrate current approaches adopted by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute. These modules include content on applying human factors in the workplace, scientific methods for improving safety, organizational culture and dealing with change, understanding teamwork, moving beyond blame to systems thinking, and how to teach and implement patient safety.

Despite the recent gains in healthcare professional knowledge of patient safety issues, large numbers of healthcare teams have not had access to training in the basics of patient safety knowledge and competencies. The Become a Patient Safety Trainer conference is a perfect opportunity for the teams to gain access to a comprehensive set of materials, methodologies, and tools that will enable them to transfer this invaluable knowledge in their respective organizations.

Teams who attend the PSEP-Canada program Become a Patient Safety Trainer conference  have the opportunity to practice improving patient safety skills and actively plan next steps for patient safety education in their home organization. The PSEP-Canada conference is built with an interprofessional approach. For optimal learning outcomes, participating teams are comprised of at least one physician, one other clinical professional such as a nurse, pharmacist or other provider, and one healthcare administrator with responsibility for patient safety and quality, as well as a senior executive from the organization.

Currently, over 60 healthcare professionals from varied healthcare organizations across Canada have obtained certification as PSEP Canada trainers over the past year. Through the PSEP Canada Community of Practice, these Certified Patient Safety trainers will have access to updated curriculum materials, video vignettes, ongoing WebEx learning events as well as a virtual forum to continue the conversations.

“This program fills a gap and provides a solid foundation to help take patient safety education to the front-line,” says Kristi Chorney, Manager of Quality, Patient Safety and Risk, Brandon Regional Health Authority. “This group was very energetic.  There was excellent discussion about methods to advance from attitudes about patient safety into cultural change or the normal way of performing our work. We went away with a feeling that something good was going to happen in terms of being proactive rather than reactive in our approach to patient safety education.”

The next four (4) conference sessions will be offered in the Fall in different areas across Canada (Most locations still to be determined):

  • September 14 – 16, 2011 in Toronto
  • October 26 – 28, 2011 (Location TBD)
  • November 16 – 18 2011 (Location TBD)
  • November 30 – December 02 2011 (Location TBD)

Registration for the September session will be open and accessible through this page by May 16th. Please look out for our upcoming announcement relating registration dates for our subsequent sessions!

If your organization would like to become a partner and to bring PSEP – Canada to your area, please contact: or you may also contact Abigail Hain at 613-738-4779 with any questions you might have about the upcoming Become a Patient Safety Trainer conference.