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11/18/2012 5:00 PM

​​Notice is hereby given that the Annual Business Meeting of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) will be held at the Westin Hotel, December 7th, 2012, 12:30-14:30 ET, at the Westin Hotel, Newfoundland/Nova Scotia Room, 11 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa. The business to be transacted at this meeting includes the following:

Business Meeting Agenda 

  1. Receipt of the report of the Board of Directors and the report of the Chief Executive Officer;
  2. Receipt and approval of the financial statements of CPSI for the period ending March 31, 2012, and the report of the auditors;
  3. Appointment of auditors for CPSI and authorization for Board of Directors to establish remuneration for the auditors;
  4. Election of Directors;
  5. Ratification of all acts and proceedings of directors and officers since the date of the 2011 Annual Business Meeting, and;
  6. Such other business as may properly be brought before the meeting or any adjournment.

A Voting Member of CPSI may be represented at the meeting by the designate in that Voting Member’s application for membership or in any subsequent update.  If that representative is unavailable, or if the Voting Member wishes to have a different representative for this year’s Annual Business Meeting, the Voting Member may, and is encouraged to, complete and return the provided proxy form appointing another person to act and vote on behalf of the Voting Member.  A Voting Member may appoint anyone it wishes to act as proxy.  To be recognized as valid for the meeting, a signed proxy form must either:

  • Be returned to CPSI at the following address by fax, mail or delivery by December 3rd, 2012 to the following address:

Suite 410, 1150 Cyrville Road
Ottawa, Ontario, K1J 7S9
Attention: David H. Hill, Board Secretary
Fax 613-730-7323


  • Be presented by the proxy holder immediately prior to the meeting at the registration desk established by CPSI for that purpose at the location of the meeting.

CPSI strongly encourages the return of completed proxies.  Without more than 25% of the Members represented in person or by proxy, the meeting cannot proceed.  We cordially ask for the cooperation of the members in this regard.

The accompanying information circular forms a part of this notice.

Dated at the City of Edmonton, in the Province of Alberta, this 23rd day of November, 2012, by order of the Board of Directors.