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Publication Type: Patient Safety Alert
Single or Multiple Incident: Multiple
Date: 4/25/2018 12:00:00 AM
Country: United Kingdom
Organization: NHS Commissioning Board

This alert addresses the issue that failure to recognise or act on signs that a patient is deteriorating; for example, changes in systolic blood pressure or pulse rate, is a key patient safety issue. Recognising and responding to patient deterioration relies on a whole systems approach and the revised National Early Warning Score (NEWS2),2 published by the Royal College of Physicians in December 2017, reliably detects deterioration in adults, triggering review, treatment and escalation of care where appropriate. NEWS2 is an improvement on the original NEWS, in use since 2012, in key areas including: - better identification of patients likely to have sepsis - improved scoring for patients with hypercapnic respiratory failure - recognising the importance of new-onset confusion or delirium. The adoption of NEWS2 is vital to standardise how adult patients who are acutely deteriorating are identified and responded to, and to streamline communication across the NHS. NHS England’s aim is for all acute hospital trusts and ambulance trusts to fully adopt NEWS2 for adult patients by March 2019. This alert is issued to highlight the resources that support adoption of NEWS22-5 and to signpost additional support to ensure trusts can adopt NEWS2 as promptly, safely and effectively as possible. Recommendations for implementation of NEWS2 are provided.

Resources to support the safe adoption of the revised National Early Warning Score (NEWS2)