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  • Sharon Nettleton, Co-Chair, Patients for Patient Safety Canada
  • Dr. Gordon Wallace, Managing Director, Safe Medical Care, The Canadian Medical Protective Association
  • Luc Therrien,​ Director, Réseau santé albertain, French Health Network (French Moderator)​

Wednesday O​cto​​ber 28th, 2​​015

Looking back, reaching forward – the new Safer Healthcar​e Now!​

9:00 am MT / 11:00 am ET​


  • Chris Power, CEO, Canadian P​​​atient Safety Institute

9:10 am MT / 11:10 am ET

Provi​der vi​deo

9:20 am MT / 11:20 am ET

Safer Healthcare Now! – Remembering wh​y SHN began

  • Christina Gunther-Murphy, Executive Director, Institute for Healthcare Improvement     
  • Mike Cass, Patient Safety and Improvement Lead, ​Canadian Patient Safety Institute

Session Description:

The Safer Healthcare Now! program has been working with front line providers across Canada to improve patient safety through intervention based programming. This program is well known and has had great uptake across the country. It is important to remember where we started and look at where we've come from. This panel will reflect on the beginnings of the SHN program and compare Canada's experience with the Institute of Healthcare Improvement's campaigns to discuss successes and challenges along the way.

9:50 am MT / 11:50 am ET

The Next Steps to Higher Quality and Safe​​r Healthcare

  • Dr. Ross Baker, Professor,Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto  
  • Dr. Peter Norton, Professor Emeritus in ​Family Medicine, University of Calgary

Session Description:

Safer Healthcare Now! has been the l​argest quality improvement project in Canada engaging several thousand teams in nearly 1000 organizations over the last decade. A detailed analysis of the first five years of SHN indicates that the change strategies and interventions have enabled many teams to demonstrate improved and sustained results. Yet more than 10 years after the Canadian Adverse Events study and the initiation of SHN, there continues to be only limited overall improvements in patient safety. Even high profile interventions such as medication reconciliation and the safe surgery checklist have had limited results. Focusing on interventions alone has been insufficient; creating highly reliable healthcare rests on engaged and informed leadership, effective teamwork and communication and local quality improvement skills. Ross Baker and Peter Norton will offer evidence from efforts to create high reliability in a variety of settings, including nursing home and acute care to illustrate what is needed to create clinical environments that facilitate sustained quality and safety improvement.

​​10:25 am MT / 12:25 pm ET

Deteriorating Patient Condition across the Healthcare Spectrum​

  • Polly Stevens, Vice President, Healthcare Risk Management, Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada

Session Description:​

Failure to appreciate status changes/deteriorating patient condition is a major risk seen in medical legal claims in all healthcare settings. In this session, claims data, themes and cases will be profiled along with key mitigation strategies and organizational assessments of compliance with these strategies.

10:50 am MT / 12:50 pm ET

Safer Healthcare Now! – Present: Small Changes at the F​​​ront Line for Big Results


  • Dr. ​Olavo Fernandes, Director of Pharmacy, Clinical, University Health Network
  • e, Education Coordinator, Injury Prevention Centre, University of Alberta​​
  • ​Dawn Hollohan, Performance Measurement Coordinator, Decision Support, Nova Scotia Health Authority 

Session Description: 

In this rapid fire session, three front line team leaders will share the experiences and successes they've had with Safer Healthcare Now! in their organizations. Sharing how SHN helped reduce harm as part of a collection of organizational tactics and how these results were measured, this session is sure to provide se​veral tips and tools you can bring back to your team.

11:15 am MT/ 1:15 pm ET

Safer Healthcare Now! – Home Care: Early Adopters

  • ​Jody Hales, Director, Quality Assurance and Risk, Canadian Red Cross

Session Description:

Jody Hales will bring you through the Red Cross' client safety journey, from leadership to the frontline and back again. 

11:40 am MT / 1:40 pm ET

Safer Healthcare Now! – Future SHN Bold

  • Chris Power, CEO, Canadian Patient Safety Institute
  • Kim Stelmacovich, Senior Director, Safety Improvement and Innovation, Canadian Patient Safety Institute
Session Description:

Chris Power, Chief Executive Office of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, will launch the revitalized version of Safer Healthcare Now!​

12:00 pm MT / 2:00 pm ET

Safer Healthcare Now! – Future: Mobilizing groups for change

  • Kimbalin Kelly, Director, Member Programs & Operations, Ontario Chiropractic Association
  • Cameron McAlpine, Director, Communications & Marketing, Ontario Chiropractic Association

Session Description:

Technology has changed how we interact, and how we work together. New tools such as social media provide platforms that can engage members to be stewards of change on the front line. Kimbalin Kelly and Cameron McAlpine will discuss tactics to bring groups together and inspire change within organizations.

12:45 pm MT / 2:45 pm ET

Recognition:  Innovations in Patient Safe​ty Education Award

1:00 pm MT / 3:00 pm ET

 Safer Healthcare Now! – Reflections   

  • Dr. Claude LaFlamme, Director of Cardiac Anaesthesia/TEE, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Session Description:

This session will offer participants an understanding of the impact SHN had in enhancing Patient Safety Culture across the nation.  In addition, CPSI future direction will presented. Surgical Care Safety will be described in more details to give the audience a concrete idea of what to expect from SHN in a near future.

1:50 pm MT / 3:50 pm ET

Closing rem​arks

​Thursday, October 29, 2015

When Workplace Joy Thrives, Patient Safety Comes Alive!​

9:00 am MT / 11:00 am ET

​​​​​​Opening remarks & greetings

  • Chris Power, CEO, Canadian Patient Safety Institute
  • Susan Mumme, Chair, Canadian Patient Safety Institute Board of Directors 
  • Dr. Carl Amrhein, Deputy Minister, Alberta Health

9:15 am MT / 11:15 am ET

​Provider video

9:20 am MT/ 11:20 am ET

Large Scale Change

  • Dr. Helen Bevan, Chief Transformation Officer, NHS Improving Quality

Session Description:

In this provocative session, Helen Bevan will outline some of the latest thinking and practice in the wider world of change and improvement which is starting to permeate into our world of health and care.  She will provide a picture of a future world where everyone can help tackle the most challenging issues; where improvement is "pulled" rather than "pushed"; where diversity, dissent and divergence are valued as highly as conformity and consensus and where the role of formal leaders is to help create the conditions for change and get out of the way to let people get on with it. She will illustrate this with some practical examples of the new approaches​

9:50 am MT / ​​11:50 am ET

Patient safety 101: The​ basics

  • Dr. Ward Flemons, Physician, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary

Session Description:

In this session, Ward Flemons will cover the components of a safe healthcare system and how they relate to one another. He will highlight how designing and delivering safer healthcare is essential as is a plan for how to respond appropriately when care does not go according to plan and patients are harmed as a result.

10:25 am MT / 12:25 pm ET

When caring hurts; helping helpers heal

  • ​Moderator: Dr. ​Diane Aubin, Associate Director, Career Development in Methods and Health Services Research, Alberta​ SPOR SUPPORT Unit, University of Alberta​
  • Cheryl Connors, Patient Safety Specialist, John Hopkins Medicine
  • Dr. Bruce MacLeod, Medical Advisor to Quality and Patient Safety, Alberta Health Services
  • Dr. Katrina Hurley, Emergency Physician, IWK Health Centre

Session Description:

This panel will introduce principles and review strategies for supporting healthcare professionals impacted by adverse patient safety events. By the end of the session the participant will be able to: relate to the impact of a patient safety adverse event on the provider, based on a personal story provided by a healthcare professional; describe the potential impact of traumatic experiences on the health and well-being of healthcare professionals; identify key elements of an effective program for supporting caregiver coping with adverse patient safety events; and, explain how a just culture promotes peer to peer support of the second victim.

​11:10 am MT / 1:10 pm ET

Patient experience/input

  • Sabina Robin, Patients for Patient Safety Canada

Session Description:

Sabina Robin will discuss the importance of patient and family involvement right from the start of the disclosure process, and how ensuring patients are part of the discussion influences healing for patients, families, and providers. Drawing from her own personal experience, Sabina will provide her insight on what has changed in the disclosure process in Canada during her time with Patients for Patient Safety Canada, and why these changes are so important.

11:30 am MT / 1:30 pm ET

Case Studies on How Improving Comm​unications Positively Impacts Patient Safety 

  • Dr.Debra Merrill, Director, Pharmacy Program – Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre
  • Roberta Baker, Clinical Pharmacy Manager- Nova Scotia Health Authority- central zone
  • Lara Di Mambro, Registered Pharmacy Technician – Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance​​​

Session Description:

Hospital representatives from Ontario and Nova Scotia will present case studies on the specific communications initiatives they implemented within their sites to improve patient safety and mitigate adverse events. Frontline healthcare workers, risk managers, managers and directors will benefit from key takeaways and best practices that can be implemented in hospitals across the country.​


Sponsored by HealthPRO​ Canada

12:10 pm MT / 2:10pm ET

Sustaining patient safety through change: The Nova Scotia experience

  • Tracey Barbrick, Assistant Deputy Minister, Department of Health and Wellness, Province of Nova Scotia
  • Catherine Gaulton, Vice-President, Quality & System Performance & Chief Legal Officer, Nova Scotia Health Authority​
  • Dr. Tara Sampalli, Assistant Director of Research, Nova Scotia Health Authority

Session Description:

Nova Scotia recently brought nine health regions into one overall health region, encompassing the full province. This change affected over 24,000 employees, and meant a shift in how the delivery of care was provided, in urban and rural settings. With the Vision statement: "Healthy people, healthy communities – for generations," Nova Scotia was able to improve and provide a consistent culture of safety and quality through such a significant transition. Join this panel as they discuss the challenges, and successes that occurred, and what they learned along the way.

1:00 pm MT / 3:00 pm ET

Linguistic barriers, a safe​ty issue

  •    Michel Tremblay, Directeur Général, Société Sante en français 

Session Description:

National and international studies have demonstrated, supported by evidence-based research, that linguistic barriers to access healthcare have negative effects for the clients and patients as well as for the health practitioners.  The impact caused by a poor communication impedes the safety of care and the quality of services. The presentation will address the key issues related to safe communication and present the actions taken by the Société Santé en français and the 16 provincial and territorial networks to increase access to French language health services and improve the quality and safety of our health system.​

1:50 pm MT / 3:50 pm ET

Closing remarks

Friday, October ​30, 2015

​When Workplace Joy Thrives, Patient Safety Comes Alive!​

9:00 am MT / 11:00 am ET

Opening remarks

  • Chris Power, CEO, Canadian Patient Safety Institute​

9:05 am MT / 11:05 am ET

Provi​der video

9:10 am MT / 11:10 pm ET

Psychological workplace health and the link to patient safety

  • Melissa Barton, Director, Organizational Development and Health Workplace, Wellness and Safety – Sinai Health System
  • Sandra Koppert, Program Manager, Workplace Mental Health, Mental Health Commission of Canada

Session Description

There is a direct link between employees who find joy in their workplace, and are psychologically healthy and the quality of work provided. We will hear perspectives on cultivating a healthy work environment, and how this leads to a safer work environment, not only for employees, but also for those that trust us to care for them.

9:45 am MT / 11:45 am ET

​​100% Natural – Are you a genuine leade​​​r? ​​

  • Shirlee Sharkey, President & CEO, St. Elizabeth

Session Description:

Is authentic leadership a cornerstone competency or a flavour of the month?  With 20+ years of experience as the President and CEO of Saint Elizabeth, Shirlee Sharkey will discuss her viewpoint and provide her insight on how connecting strong leadership to a bigger societal purpose is the key to mastering this skill.  

10:10 am MT / 12:10 pm ET

Patients as Leaders: How Thunder Bay has engaged patients to become a leading practice recipient in Patient and Family Cente​red Care

  • Keith Taylor, Lead Patient and Family Advisor, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre
  • Bonnie Nicholas, Lead Patient and Family Centred Care, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre

Session Description:

Patient and Family Centred Care is our philosophy at TBRHSC and was formally adopted in 2009. Learning from the stories of our patients and their families, and engaging our community, partners, staff and physicians, we have embarked on a journey together that has transformed healthcare at TBRHSC.

10:40 am MT / 12:40 pm ET

The patient’s role in sentinel even​t investigations

  • Deb Prowse, Alberta Health Advocate, Office of the Alberta Health Advocates

Session Description:

Deb Prowse will look at the patient's role in incident analysis, with reference to the framework and tools that have been developed. In her dual role as an Alberta Health Advocate, and with her experience as a patient, she will discuss the necessity of interviewing patients and family members when conducting an investigation. 

11:00 am MT / 1:00 pm ET

Leader​​ship Panel

  • Dr. Michael Apkon, President and CEO, The Hospital for Sick Children
  • Chris Power, CEO, Canadian Pa​tient Safety Institute

Session Description:

Leading an organization through change, and ensuring patient safety continues to be a priority in an ever changing sys​tem is a challenge. We will hear from two leaders who have recently taken on new organizations, to gain their perspective and what they see as the largest challenges facing healthcare leaders today in Canada.

11:30 am MT / 1:30 pm ET

Emerging health leaders panel​​

  • ​Moderator: Chris Power, CEO, Canadian Patient Safety Institute
  • Reece Bearnes, Director, Medical Services, Eastern Health
  • Robert Fraser, Chair,  Emerging Health Leaders
  • Dr. David Sweet, Critical Care and Emergency Medicine Physician, Vancouver General Hospital

Session Description:

Healthcare and how we care for patients safely is always changing. This session will focus on new leaders in healthcare and their perspective on what's coming next and how patient safety will evolve with new opportunities and constraints on the health system coming in the next five to ten years, and how emerging health leaders can impact this evolution within their organizations. 

11:55 a​m MT / 1:55 pm ET

2015 Champion Award presentation

12:20 pm MT / 2:20 pm ET

Safe and Sound: Why Personality Matters in Healthcare

  • Dr. Brian Little, Research ProfessorUniversity of Cambridge

Session Description:

Why did the normally shy and reticent member of my team do what he did last Thursday? Why do some of our healthcare colleagues seem hardwired for happiness, while others seem born to brood? Why do some patients find resilience no matter the circum​stance?

Dr. Little's distinctive perspective is that people often act out of character – demonstrating 'free traits' rather than fixed dispositions – in order to advance their core personal projects.  

In very practical ways Dr. Little considers what our personalities portend for our health and success, and the extent to which our well-being depends on the personal projects we pursue. Little provides a lively, thought-provoking, and ultimately optimistic look at the possibilities and perils of being uniquely ourselves, while illuminating the selves of those we encounter, work with, and love.​​

1:05 pm MT / 3:05 pm ET​

ASPIRE: a French-language workshop to promote patient safety in the training of residents


  •  Dr. Julien Poitras, Vice-Dean of Social Responsibility, University of Laval

Session Description:

This session will present the ASPIRE workshop, a national education and training program dedicated to patient safety and q​uality improvement for faculty developmental purposes. The session will detail the multi-faculty process adopted in order to provide this training in French in Montreal from November 3-6, 2015, as well as the adaptation required due to Quebec's particularities in regard to patient safety and quality improvement.​

1:50 pm MT / 3:50 pm ET

Closing remarks

  • ​​​​Chris Power, CEO, Canadian Patient Safety Institute​​​​
  • Cecilia BloxomDirector, Strategic Communications, Canadian Patient Safety Institute 
Session Description: 

Tips for Talking Video Competition winners will be announced, as well as a recap of Canadian Patient Safety Week and Canada's Forum.