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​​​​​​IMPORTANT NOTICE: Healthcare Excellence Canada (HEC), formerly known as the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI), and HealthCareCAN (HCC) have decided to retire both the in-person and online Canadian Patient Safety Officer course.  New registrations for the online course will not be accepted after May 31, 2022. There will be no in-person delivery in 2022. 

HEC and HCC, have been proud to work together for almost a decade, delivering the Canadian Patient Safety Officer Course to over 750 patient safety professionals across Canada and internationally.

HEC is developing a new Patient Safety Essentials program that will leverage many of the important topics found in the Canadian Patient Safety Officer Course but also include new topics and content. We anticipate that this program will launch in 2023. Stay tuned by subscribing to HEC's Newsletter! HCC will be creating new patient safety educational offerings.  Please stay tuned for announcements from HCC in the early summer.

Interested in registering for the online course before the closing date of May 31, 2022? Learn more below.


The CPSO Course is intended for healthcare professionals and leaders who have the formal responsibility of disseminating patient safety principles and programs throughout their organization including patient safety officers, clinical managers, nurses, physicians, educators, and allied health professionals. 

Program Details

Participants interact with one another and expert coaches, and learn to:

  • Use our tools and techniques to develop a patient safety program
  • Recognize system-induced patient safety incidents
  • Recognize human factors related to patient safety, such as non-technical skills or fatigue
  • Understand high-risk clinical processes
  • Develop strategies to influence and enhance patient safety culture
  • Foster communication, teamwork, and organizational culture as it relates to patient safety
  • Examine other special and emerging topics in patient safety
  • Develop a patient safety improvement project proposal – allowing the learner to consolidate their knowledge by leading a patient safety improvement initiative

Online Course

The online course is based on the previously offered in-person course, and it is designed for professionals who were unable to travel or who prefer to learn flexibly and at their own pace.  The online course can be completed in 100 hours of study, delivered entirely online using readings, videos, webinars, discussion forums, hands-on project work, and expert faculty to provide support and feedback.  Participants not only learn about patient safety essentials, but have a chance to reflect, apply new knowledge and tools to their work environment, and receive feedback from faculty.  Learners have up to 12 months to complete the course.

Registration Fee:$2,295 Canadian Student
Registration Fee:$2,495 International Student

Register until May 31, 2022

 For more information, contact Jennifer Crook at or 1-866-421-6933.

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