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​​Medication Reconciliation (MedRec), although a seemingly simple  concept in theory, is exceedingly complex to implement reliably. This module provides knowledge  and many examples of resources and tools which will assist PSEP – Canada trainers in teaching about the MedRec process in their organizations.

This module will teach you about:

  • Research and evidence to support the MedRec process,
  • Fundamentals of the MedRec process at all interfaces of care across the healthcare system, and
  • Key elements to incorporate for successful implementation of the MedRec process including an effective measurement and evaluation strategy.

Learning Objectives include:

  • Assist practitioners in understanding the current evidence for the importance of MedRec processes
  • Understand the key components of MedRec processes at various transitions and in various sectors of care
  • Appreciate the barriers and facilitators to successful implementation of MedRec

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This document was revised in September 2017.

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