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Tracie has extensive hands-on experience in patient safety and quality improvement. Most recently, she was the Quality & Safety Leader in Pediatric Critical Care at BC Children’s hospital. Currently she is the Manager for Strategic Implementation at BC Children’s Hospital and Sunny Hill Health Center. In her role, she continues her focus on patient safety and quality care by supporting teams in designing and implementing their process improvement projects aligned with the Strategic Action Plan. In addition, she is actively involved in and/or leading a variety of process improvement projects focused on improving patient care delivery.

As past faculty with the Canadian ICU Collaborative, a non-profit Canadian critical care improvement group, Tracie and her pediatric critical care colleagues have been the recipients of provincial and national safety awards for specific patient safety projects.

Vision for patient safety in Canada:

My vision would include a national healthcare environment that embraces and practices: curiosity, challenging the status quo, collaboration, initiative, creativity, transparency, forgiveness, accountability and life-long learning. Patients and families would be part of the team from the point of entry into the system.  Canadian healthcare teams would work together to standardize care on a national level.

Vision for patient safety education in Canada:

My vision primarily focuses on responsiveness; responsiveness to current trends in patient safety education and to the needs of patients and their families and healthcare providers. It would be supported and promoted from all levels of government. It would   begin with a foundational understanding of the concept of patient safety and build to specifics. Patient safety would be interactive    and experiential to support learners in developing their patient safety competencies.