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Shannon is the Manager of Patient Safety and Clinical Assurance at STARS (Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service) in Calgary, Alberta.  Shannon leads patient safety initiatives across the three provinces in which STARS operates, and has worked to evolve the quality, risk, and safety reporting processes within her organization. While working closely with the STARS Chief Medical Office, Shannon remains thoroughly integrated with the aviation and workplace health and safety teams. She is responsible for the continued development, implementation and monitoring of clinical practice guidelines and monitoring system performance from a clinical and patient safety perspective. Shannon has also been involved in developing international benchmarking standards for critical care transport where she is collaborating with international helicopter EMS organizations.  Shannon is very passionate about supporting a culture of safety and aligning patient safety practices across the healthcare industry

Vision for patient safety in Canada:

Every patient, every practitioner and every leader in every healthcare organization will be on the same page regarding how our healthcare system can keep each patient as safe as possible.

Vision for patient safety education in Canada:

Complete integration of best practices in patient safety throughout all levels of healthcare organizations, and consistency between organizations.