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Rita is currently the Quality Analyst /Patient Safety Coordinator at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Ontario. Her work in Quality Management involves prioritizing, developing and evaluating quality improvement and patient safety initiatives. Rita leads hospital-wide patient safety initiatives, coordinates the planning and delivery of related education and training and supports activities associated with the safety reporting system. Rita was also a co-investigator in the Canadian Paediatric Adverse Event Study. She has participated in a national Teamwork and Communication Working Group as well as other professional development with CPSI.

Vision for patient safety in Canada:

As both a healthcare consumer and a public servant to the healthcare system, my vision is one where healthcare organizations across the spectrum share a mutual appreciation of the importance of patient safety, engage in communications founded on mutual trust and respect, and experience a shared sense of confidence and pride that comes with the implementation of sound preventative measures and safe practices that eliminate avoidable harm. Ensuring a safer healthcare experience can only be achieved through the partnership of providers, patients and their families/caregivers.   

Vision for patient safety education in Canada:

Patient safety education in Canada should not only influence the awareness and attitude of all healthcare providers, but also impart an understanding of the science of patient safety including an understanding of the conditions under which people work and the various sources of risk. This widespread knowledge would subsequently be harnessed to build effective defenses, strategies and practice changes that eliminate and/or mitigate avoidable harm throughout the continuum of healthcare.