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Norbert Werner currently works at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) as both a paramedic program faculty member as well as a simulation advocate/lead for the School of Health Sciences.

Norbert was also the Associate Chair of Clinical Simulation at NAIT for six years prior to his current role where he assisted in the enhancement and integration of simulation-based learning into curriculum for the purpose of enhancing experiential learning, interprofessional education, reflective practice, and patient safety in several of the healthcare programs in the School of Health Sciences.

Norbert has also gained more than 21 years of pre-hospital experience as an advanced paramedic including ground, flight (rotary), and tactical environments. Norbert continues to work in the healthcare industry as a casual paramedic in Edmonton Metro for Alberta Health Services.

Vision for patient safety in Canada:

My vision for patient safety is that all healthcare providers would know and practice the principles of patient safety in all that they do in their role on the healthcare team.

Vision for patient safety education in Canada:

My vision for patient safety education is that it would be embedded as a “golden thread” in all healthcare curriculum at both the pre-licensure and post-licensure realm with the emphasis of recognizing and mitigating error potential in patient-centered care. As part of this vision, all healthcare students and professionals including allied health disciplines are provided patient safety education as well as an opportunity to practice patient safety concepts in a simulated environment prior to real patient care.