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Mary-Anne is a nursing professor at Western University in London, Ontario. She teaches in all years of the undergraduate program in courses that focus on informatics, global health, ethical, legal and professional perspectives in nursing and future directions in nursing practice. She has also provided clinical instruction to 4th year nursing students. Mary-Anne was previously a patient safety specialist and the Accreditation Coordinator at London Health Sciences Centre, and continues to provide consultation. Part of her role was to facilitate case reviews, using tools such as root cause analysis or failure modes and effects analysis. She provided learning sessions on the basic principles of patient safety, including system factors and human factors as they relate to adverse events. Mary-Anne also facilitated implementation of initiatives to meet compliance with Accreditation Canada’s Required Organizational Practices (ROPs). Mary-Anne has a keen interest in medication safety through her work on the Drug and Therapeutics Committee and is the former chair the Medication Safety Committee.

Vision for patient safety in Canada:

My vision for patient safety in Canada is to have a culture where healthcare providers are not afraid to speak up when issues related to safety arise, when there are gaps in our systems that require attention, and that those who do so are rewarded and thanked for their efforts. I would like to see a healthcare culture where all workers understand and demonstrate their accountability for ensuring no harm to our patients.

Vision for patient safety education in Canada:

My vision for patient safety education in Canada is to include the principles of patient safety as part of the core curriculum for all health disciplines throughout their undergraduate education as a common thread that is built upon each year. In healthcare organizations, I would like to see patient safety education become a part of the ongoing training and education as a core competency for all positions.