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Kristi is currently the Prairie Mountain Health Regional Manager of Patient Safety, Quality and Risk in Manitoba. During her work in patient safety, quality and risk management, Kristi has lead or facilitated numerous Safer Healthcare Now! Initiatives at Prairie Mountain Health, as well as various provincial patient safety projects such as the development of Board level patient safety indicator reporting template; the ‘Disclosing Critical Incident for Patients and Families’ and a corresponding pamphlet for health care providers. She is the past Chair of the Regional Health Authorities of Manitoba Quality, Patient Safety and Risk Network.  Kristi completed the MSc in Human Factors and System Safety from Lund University.

Vision for patient safety in Canada:

Patients will be as safe under the Canadian healthcare umbrella as they are in their own homes.  Healthcare providers work collaboratively with each other,  patients and families to ensure the care intended to help patients does not inadvertently contribute to harm.   The safety of patient care is enhanced through the development of a resilient healthcare system focused on learning, monitoring, responding to and anticipating risks.  Complacency with the status quo does not exist.

Vision for patient safety education in Canada:

Evidence-based and effective patient safety education is woven into student and employee training.  The Canadian healthcare system supports this ongoing education that evolves as new information is acquired.  The education builds on existing attitudes, knowledge and skills and propels the healthcare culture into that of actions and behaviours that improve the safety of care.  Patient safety education in Canada evolves from something we talk about to a practice embedded in the health system culture.