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Dr. Kim Sears is an Assistant Professor at Queen’s University. She is the Co-Director, Master of Science in Healthcare Quality program and the Deputy Director/ Healthcare Quality, Queen’s Joanna Briggs Collaboration. Dr. Sears has over twenty years’ experience as a nurse, primarily focused in neonatal intensive care units.

Dr. Sears conducts an active program of research in health services with a focus on advancing quality care, reducing risk and improving patient safety. The majority of her work focuses on furthering the quality and safety of medication delivery. Dr. Sears explores the advancement of medication delivery in Canada and internationally including both the community and hospital settings for children and adults. Her doctoral work focused on medication administration in childrens hospitals and the link the work environment has on the occurrence of reported peaditric medication administration errors. To further her knowledge of the medication delivery system, she was awarded a CHSRF/CIHR CADRE postdoctoral fellowship, which she undertook in the School of Pharmacy at Dalhousie University, under the supervision of Dr. Neil MacKinnon. In her postdoctoral work, Dr. Sears explored international challenges of safe medication delivery for adults in the community. Dr. Sears has experience working with large databases, quantitative methodology and intergrative studies using systemic review methodology. She recently completed a systematic review entitled, “The incidence, prevalence and contributing factors associated with the occurrence of medication errors for children and adults in the community setting.”

Vision for patient safety in Canada:

The patient and patient story is vital to advancement of the healthcare system. If power is centralized in the patient, then the healthcare system can change as the silos and norms that currently exist will be broken down.

Vision for patient safety education in Canada:

Patient safety is a subset of quality. Healthcare quality advancement requires interprofessional teamwork that is beyond nursing and medicine to include others such as engineering, law, business etc.