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Kate is a Registered Nurse and is the Vice President, Quality and Clincial Programs at Sinai Health System (SHS) in Toronto. SHS is an amalgamation of Mount Sinai Hospital, Bridgepoint Active Healthcare, Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute and Circle of Care. SHS combines acute, complex, rehabilitiative, primary and home care to create an integrated system across the life course; from healthy beginnings to healthy aging. In this role, Kate is excited to drive leading edge strategies and innovations in patient care to achieve safe, high quality care and services with a patient- and family-centered care focus. 

Kate has been an advocate for the Patient Safety Education Program (PSEP) from the beginning and its role in building staff and leadership capability to achieving safe patient care. The Bridgepoint Hosptial was the first Canadian hospital to implement the PSEP program and receive the inaugural award for innovation in patient safety education. ​

Vision for patient safety in Canada:

Although we are better equipped today then ever before to understand the patient safety issues in our healthcare system, we still have much more to accomplish to identify and remove sources of preventable harm to our patients.  While we never plan for things to happen to our patients we do need to have the capability to understanding what happened, why it happened and what can be done to prevent it from occurring to another patient. This should be a relentless pursuit of all healthcare organizations.

Vision for patient safety education in Canada:

All healthcare providers entering into practice should be knowledgeable about potential patient safety issues and be able to identify ways that they can contribute to creating safer care for patients. Colleges, universities and healthcare institutions work together to build the knowledge, skills and behaviors that will create a culture of patient safety.