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Donna has worked as a nurse for 37 years.  Acute and Long Term Care, Ambulance, active First Responder, Quality Improvement and Patient Safety manager and now Community Health Services Manager at Gainsborough Health Centre in Gainsborough, Saskatchewan   provide Donna with extensive knowledge of gaps in patient safety and keen awareness of where improvements can be made.  In her role as manager, promoting effective communication, creating an environment where all staff are valued equally, seeking input from staff and partnering with residents and families is central to her work. 

Donna developed the Patient and Family Advisory council in her health region and is a passionate advocate for including the patient and family perspective in developing programs, setting policy and making decisions that affect patient care and the patient experience.

As past co-chair and current member of Patients for Patient Safety Canada, a patient led program of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute and World Health Organization Patient Safety Champion,  Donna has represented the patient voice on several national patient safety initiatives such as the 2011 revision of the Canadian Disclosure Guidelines, the 2012 revision of the Canadian Incident Analysis Framework, was a contributor to the PSEP curriculum and to the CPSI Teamwork and Communication Document as well as speaking provincially, nationally and internationally on the subject of patient safety from her personal experience of losing her 19 year old son due to an adverse event.

Vision for patient safety in Canada:

Every patient safe; achieved by using the increased knowledge of adverse events as catalysts for change as well as opportunities for learning and continuous improvement in a  systems based, patient centered care environment where providers and patients/families partner to attain safer care. 

Vision for patient safety education in Canada:

Patient safety education available to all health care providers- incorporated into continual education requirements and into the curriculum of all medical education programs.