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David is currently an Associate Professor in the Departments of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine and Surgery at Queen’s University. He is, the President of the Medical Staff at Kingston General and Hotel Dieu Hospitals and the Medical Lead, Masters in Quality, Safety and Risk Program of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Queen’s University.

David resides on several committees, including the Canadian Anesthesiology Society, Patient Safety Committee, and the Kingston General Hospital Board. David has completed two Masters of Science Degrees, most recently, in Human Factors and System Safety at Lund University in Sweden and in Health Education at Dalhousie University.

Vision for patient safety in Canada:

Hippocrates had a vision for professional safe health care where patients would not be harmed. However approximately 7.5 percent of Canadian patients treated in tertiary care experience preventable adversity.

Awareness and action are required. Legislation must be put in place to make quality, safety and risk priorities for health care board chairs and executives. Like students, health care executives must be educated about system safety and human factors. They must be mentored on how best to improve systems.

Vision for patient safety education in Canada:

Safe care will evolve with education. Those who can best influence safe care must be targeted.

Legislators, governors, board members, executives have a legal responsibility to be accountable for patient care. They want safety knowledge. Safety literate Chiefs of Staff and Chief Nursing Executives can use their authority to establish a just culture which will promote safest health care. They will influence medical and nursing leaders. Care providers and students will benefit from the opportunities created by safety aware professionals.