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What is TeamSTEPPS?

TeamSTEPPS® is an acronym for Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety. It is a teamwork system developed jointly by the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to improve institutional collaboration and communication relating to patient safety. 

In our efforts to advance patient safety by way of improved teamwork, communication and patient safety culture through the SHIFT to Safety program, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute has licensed the use of TeamSTEPPS Canada™, adopted and adapted the program, and is making it available to the Canadian healthcare community.

What are the key elements of TeamSTEPPS Canada™ being introduced?

TeamSTEPPS Canada™ includes three streams of work that will be introduced in a phased approach:

  1. The TeamSTEPPS Canada™ program has been enhanced with curriculum and resources to suit the Canadian context, including development of a future TeamSTEPPS Canada™ module for patients. The Canadian Patient Safety Institute will offer the TeamSTEPPS Canada™ curriculum materials and resources in English and French on its website, and provide any new content and enhancements as they become available.
  2. The Canadian Patient Safety Institute is launching TeamSTEPPS Canada™ Regional Training Centres with the Health Quality Council of Alberta as a pilot test site. The Regional Training Centres will develop Canadian TeamSTEPPS Canada™ Master Trainers, who will return to their organizations poised to train others and implement the TeamSTEPPS Canada™ curriculum, tools and resources.  This pilot will form the basis for planning future TeamSTEPPS Canada™ Regional Training Centres.
  3. The Canadian Patient Safety Institute will develop and launch learning and professional development opportunities and a network targeted to TeamSTEPPS Canada™ Master Trainers and users. Current plans include the development of a national webinar series with offerings that will focus on key theme areas relevant to users and Master Trainers in their TeamSTEPPS Canada™ training and implementation journey.

Why has the Canadian Patient Safety Institute invested in TeamSTEPPS Canada™?

The Canadian Patient Safety Institute has a high level of experience and expertise in delivering educational programs. TeamSTEPPS Canada™ augments our ability to embed curriculum on teamwork, communication and patient safety culture, which creates a more well-rounded patient safety education program.

With SHIFT to Safety being our go-to-source for patient safety information across the country, we know that TeamSTEPPS Canada™ is a natural fit for providing providers, leaders and patients a comprehensive curriculum to significantly improve teamwork and communication skills within the healthcare team. Effective teamwork skills are essential for safe, quality healthcare that prevents and mitigates harm.

The Canadian Patient Safety Institute, through our faculty and Training Centers, will help Canadian healthcare teams implement TeamSTEPPS Canada™ modules and content to address patient safety challenges. Our long term vision is to connect and engage healthcare facilities with a growing Canadian TeamSTEPPS Canada™ community, and learn from our international TeamSTEPPS colleagues.

Who should take the TeamSTEPPS Canada program, and why?

The program is designed for providers, leaders and patients alike, from a variety of healthcare settings, including acute, primary, long-term and ambulatory care fields. TeamSTEPPS Canada™ is a teamwork system that offers a powerful solution to improving collaboration and communication within your organization.

Teamwork has been found to be one of the key initiatives within patient safety. TeamSTEPPS has been shown to improve safety and transform culture in healthcare through the promotion of teachable, learnable skills that lead to better teamwork, communication, leadership, situation monitoring, and mutual support with and among teams.

How can I become a TeamSTEPPS Canada™ Master Trainer?

The TeamSTEPPS Canada™ program consists of 12 modules. The Essentials course is a brief (1-2 hours) introduction to the TeamSTEPPS framework, and the tools and strategies contained in the TeamSTEPPS Pocket Guide. The Fundamentals course teaches the core teamwork skills in seven modules, which are represented in the elements of the TeamSTEPPS Framework Triangle model. Completion of the Fundamentals course is prerequisite to the Master Trainer course (modules 8-12). The Master Trainer course focuses on topics related to the implementation and sustainment of TeamSTEPPS.