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Module 1: Introduction

This module sets the stage for the entire TeamSTEPPS course. Module 1 reviews the TeamSTEPPS CanadaTM curriculum and discusses barriers to team performance, the patient safety movement and team training, and characteristics of high-performing teams. The module also looks at the TeamSTEPPS framework and the evidence supporting that TeamSTEPPS works. A patient story video is also shared in this module.

After completing this first module of the course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the TeamSTEPPS Master Trainer OR Fundamentals Course

  • Describe the impact of errors and why they occur

  • Describe the TeamSTEPPS framework

  • State the outcomes of the TeamSTEPPS framework

Available for download in this module is the slide deck, instructors guide, implementation worksheet, evidence base and a patient story video. 

Learn more about becoming a Master Trainer at our upcoming course offerings. 

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