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The TeamSTEPPS CanadaTM curriculum consists of 12 modules. Modules 1 – 7 cover the fundamental core concepts and tools, and modules 8 – 12 focus on topics related to the implementation and sustainment of TeamSTEPPS.

Each module has multiple components available for download:

  • Slide deck: to be used when teaching the TeamSTEPPS course
  • Instructors guide: to be used for course planning and as a reference guide when teaching the course
  • Implementation worksheet: used to think about issues to address by implementing TeamSTEPPS
  • Exercise worksheets: module specific exercises
  • Videos/extra resources: patient and family stories, video examples of TeamSTEPPS tools

Fundamentals course

Master Trainer course

The Master Trainer course focuses on topics related to the implementation and sustainment of TeamSTEPPS. This includes modules 1-7 as well as:

  • Module 8: Change Management—provides information about organizational change through Kotter's Eight Steps of Change.
  • Module 9: Coaching—describes coaching, how to coach, and the role of coaching in implementing TeamSTEPPS.
  • Module 10: Measurement—provides information about evaluating the success of your TeamSTEPPS implementation, including available assessment tools and resources.
  • Module 11: Implementation Workshop—serves as a capstone to the course by allowing you and your team members to think through your implementation plans and strategies.
  • Module 12: Teachback Opportunity—provides participants with an opportunity to plan and teach one of the Fundamentals Modules.
We are in the process of developing a virtual course. 

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