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​​​The Canadian Incident Analysis Framework (the framework) is a resource to support those responsible for, or involved in, managing, analyzing and/or learning from patient safety incidents in any healthcare setting with the goal of increasing the effectiveness of analysis in enhancing the safety and quality of patient care. The framework provides methods and tools to assist in answering the following questions:

  • What happened?
  • How and why it happened?
  • What can be done to reduce the likelihood of recurrence and make care safer?
  • What was learned?

This module presents the methods and resources included in the framework which are designed to support organizational learning, quality improvement, a safe and just culture and to improve the success of analysis in enhancing the safety of patient care. The module also discusses “the incident management continuum” which emphasizes how incident analysis is part of the multitude of processes and activities that take place in the aftermath of an incident.

This module will teach you about:

  • Core concepts of patient safety
  • Importance of incident analysis  and management
  • Incident analysis methods:
    • comprehensive analysis,
    • concise analysis, and
    • multi incident analysis;
  • Development and management of recommended actions

Learning Objectives include:

  • Increase knowledge and skills on how to use incident analysis methods and tools, based upon the Canadian Incident Analysis Framework
  • Understanding the core concepts of patient safety, the various analysis methods, patient engagement and the different tools and techniques to prepare, conduct and close the loop of an incident analysis with the outcome of improving the care and safety of patients.

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This document was revised in September 2017.

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