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To inspire extraordinary improvement in quality and patient safety, we are constantly looking for best practices and exceptional evidence-based care. The PSEP — Canada curriculum, originally developed by international patient safety experts and customized by Canadian patient safety experts for Canadian healthcare providers, is a living curriculum that is regularly reviewed, revised, updated, and expanded.

You can access PSEP — Canada resources by taking the two-day train the trainer course, or by downloading individual education modules pulled directly from our curriculum. Learn more about both of these options below.

Some modules are currently available for free download to the public. The full PSEP —Canada curriculum will become available over the coming months so please check back often to see which ones are available.

Core Curriculum

The PSEP — Canada curriculum consists of multiple modules divided into several categories:

Plenary modules introduce the history of and concepts related to patient safety.

Core modules cover various topics healthcare professionals must have knowledge of to be effective in promoting patient safety.

Cluster modules are clinically focused to help contextualize the material for the clinical work setting.

Learn more about becoming a patient safety trainer so you can teach patient safety in your organization.

For more information, contact us at or 1-866-421-6933.