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This module explores how patient safety themes, such as safety culture, teamwork and communication can be applied to the Home Care context, beginning with the organizational culture found in those agencies providing care. An open and transparent culture requires honest reporting and rewards for those who implement patient safety principles within their workplace. The module focuses on how to recognize and create a positive safety culture and practices in the delivery of home care.

This module will teach you about:

  • Safety culture within the Home Care delivery context
  • Features of positive safety practices for Home Care patients
  • The incidence and types of patient safety incidents in Home Care in Canada
  • Risk factors and other contributing elements associated with patient safety incidents in the Home Care population
  • The burden of patient/client safety concerns & risks from the perspectives of patients and family caregivers

Learning Objectives include:

  •  describe safety culture, risks, and patient safety incidents within the Home Care context;
  •  identify factors that support a Home Care organization and system in which patient safety is an essential component.

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This document was released in September 2017.

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