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Health care leaders have caught up to patients and families in understanding and truly appreciating how critical it is for care providers and system leaders to effectively engage patients in health care - at an individual and system level. It now seems unimaginable that well intentioned individuals could envision or deliver quality, safe and satisfying care without meaningfully engaging the patient, and those who are significant to the patient, as the ultimate recipient(s) of the care and/or services.

This module provides an overview of Patient and Family Centred Care and meaningful engagement of patients/families in the planning, delivery and evaluation of healthcare. 

This module will teach you about:

  • patient and family centred care;
  • patient engagement;
  • benefits and outcomes of patient and family centred care;
  • barriers and enablers to patient and family centred care; and
  • individual competencies required for of patient and family centred care.

Learning Objectives include:

  • describe concepts of patient and family centred care and ways to bring those concepts into practice;
  • explore the importance and value of partnering with patients/families;
  • explore the barriers and enablers to engaging with patients and families along with means of overcoming them;
  • explore ways of demonstrating empathy and enabling communication in support of patients and families; and
  • describe organization and individual factors that promote PFCC and partnering with patients/families.

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This document was released in September 2017.

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