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​​​People dealing with mental illness face unique patient safety issues. To help healthcare professionals improve patient safety, CPSI and the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) have developed five patient safety in mental health education modules as part of the Patient Safety Education Program – Canada (PSEP – Canada). 

“Cultivating a culture of patient safety within an organization requires staff to have the appropriate tools and resources necessary for them to offer safe, high-quality care,” said OHA president and CEO Pat Campbell. “For providers that enrol in this program, the brand new modules offer inter-professional teams excellent support by helping them understand how to provide the best possible care in often challenging situations.”

The five mental health modules identify specific patient safety issues people with mental illness face, including suicide and self-harm, violence and aggressive behaviour, restraint use and seclusion, and absconding. Each module raises awareness of individual and system factors that contribute to the specific safety issues, and identifies steps and strategies for prevention.

You can download the following modules for free: 

Improve Patient Safety

Enrol in PSEP – Canada and improve patient safety in your organization. The PSEP – Canada core curriculum was developed in collaboration with Northwestern University to help organizations strengthen quality improvement and patient safety initiatives. This two-day peer-to-peer education event certifies members of inter-professional teams as patient safety trainers. The curriculum comprises core patient safety content and effective teaching approaches to enable certified trainers to share their acquired knowledge and skills with other members of their team and organization.