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​​As victims or perpetrators, mental health patients are vulnerable to the risks associated with violence and aggressive behaviour. In inpatient environments in particular, violence and aggressive behaviour create a significant safety risk for staff, other people, and the person exhibiting the behaviour. 

All interventions should first ensure the personal safety of staff and the person, followed by attempts to de-escalate the behaviour using calm talk-down approaches. In all instances, prevention includes environment-of-care considerations, proper training for all staff, and an empathetic and understanding care culture.

This module will teach you:

  • Which individual and environmental factors may contribute to the risk of violence and aggressive behaviours among persons with mental illness
  • Why least-restraint approaches should be the framework within which intervention and treatment should be developed
  • How to identify risk factors for violence and aggression using risk assessment tools
  • What information to use for treatment planning and intervention

Learning Objectives

  • Understand risk and management of violence and aggressive behaviour

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This document was revised in September 2017.

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