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​​​​​​​​​​This two-day "Become a Patient Safety Trainer" course focuses on how to teach and implement patient safety initiatives with an emphasis on an interprofessional team approach and peer to peer education.

The Patient Safety Education Program — Canada (PSEP — Canada) is a conference-based education dissemination method, which uses a train-the-trainer curriculum-driven approach grounded in specific adult learning methods to teach both content and how to disseminate it.

Participants who complete the program will be certified as PSEP — Canada trainers and will be equipped with a full patient safety education curriculum, including trigger tape videos, case-based learning tools and customizable presentations. Participants also engage in action planning activities and leave the learning event with concrete implementation plans.

Upcoming Courses

PSEP – Canada is undergoing a comprehensive evaluation of our program please continue to monitor our websites for updates and future sessions.

Executive Support

To support the spread and sustainability of PSEP — Canada initiatives and to provide a strong endorsement of the trainer's efforts, senior executive sponsorship is a critical success factor.  Participants in the program are asked to have a commitment from an Executive Sponsor upon registering for this event. To this end, a post course executive session webinar is hosted a few weeks following the course.

Post-Program Support

As part of the PSEP — Canada program, CPSI is committed to providing continuing support to PSEP — Canada Trainers. Our post-program support includes exclusive access to a web based Community of Practice, webcasts, and acknowledging the efforts of PSEP — Canada Trainers through our Innovation in Patient Safety Education (IPSE) award.

Master Facilitators

With an emphasis on creativity and excellence in educational techniques, the Become a Patient Safety Trainer course is delivered by PSEP — Canada Master Facilitators, qualified healthcare professionals who have been through a comprehensive process to establish excellence in both teaching skills and patient safety knowledge.


The PSEP – Canada curriculum is designed to offer high-impact content on patient safety themes for clinicians and other healthcare professional team members. With over 35 modules to select from, the curriculum is adaptable and allows trainers to create teaching material that best suits their needs. The curriculum is regularly reviewed, revised and expanded, producing relevant content for different sectors across the continuum of care. The train-the-trainer portion of the curriculum is grounded in adult learning theory and provides practical approaches to embedding patient safety content into curricula.

PSEP – Canada Affiliate Program

CPSI has engaged with well established, willing partners to support us in delivering the PSEP – Canada program and helping to build capacity and support its spread and sustainability across the country.  Our current Affiliate partners include:

  • Department of National Defence's Directorate of Health Services Delivery, CF Health Services Group Headquarters
  • Queen's University
  • Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety

Contact us

For more information, contact us at or 1-866-421-6933.