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​​Ann Pottinger is the Interim Director of Quality and Patient Safety at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, where she has also served as Discipline Chief for Nursing. Ann’s areas of interest and expertise are in education, geriatrics, mental health, addiction, diversity health equity, and client safety. She has worked across the continuum of mental health care including in-patient, community, and psychiatric emergency settings where she has led several quality initiatives. Ann served as a member for the Pan Canadian Advisory Group for Suicide Prevention and was a steering committee member for the Ontario Hospital Association /   Canada Patient Safety Institute – Patient Safety Education Program (PSEP) Mental Health Modules partnership. She is committed to collaborating with others to advance patient safety in the provision of mental health care.

Vision for patient safety in Canada:

System-wide focus on excellence in care and harm prevention, through collaborative partnerships and integration across the care continuum.

Vision for patient safety education in Canada:

Patient safety will be integrated in all health care education curriculums and will be further integrated in ongoing health professional development programs.