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​​​​The Canadian Patient Safety Institute works with its partners to identify leading patient safety practices, develop safety competencies, and support the integration of  leading practices into education, training and professional development for undergraduate, post-graduate and practicing healthcare professionals across the continuum of care. We currently offer the following programs:



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Webinars - The hub for the Canadian Patient Safety Institute webinars. Webinar topics can range from knowledge translation and protecting Canadians from unsafe drugs to the psychological safety of healthcare workers and keeping seniors safe. 

TeamSTEPPS Canada™ - Use Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety

Effective Governance for Quality and Patient Safety: Designed to support boards of healthcare organizations and the leadership teams they work with, this program provides a unique opportunity to explore evidence-informed approaches to governance and leadership and which share innovative health governance practices, resources and tools.

Canadian Patient Safety Officer Course: This four-day course designed for healthcare professionals and leaders responsible for patient safety programs in their organizations, offers information, tools, and techniques to advance leading patient safety practices and build a strong patient safety culture in your organization.

Patient Safety Education Program – Canada: Built on a train-the-trainer model, PSEP-Canada is one response to the challenges that remain in integrating fundamental patient safety practices into the routine delivery of healthcare.

Simulation Network: Patient simulation has great potential to improve healthcare practices in Canada.

ASPIRE - Advancing Safety for Patients In Residency Education: The Canadian Patient Safety Institute and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons are pleased to offer ASPIRE, Advancing Safety for Patients in Residency Education, an intense, focused 4 day workshop dedicated to enhancing the capacity of Canadian medical schools to provide patient safety training.