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Senior Program Manager​​​

Hina Laeeque is a Senior Program Manager at CPSI.  From 2013 – 2018, Hina led a large-scale change initiative through the National Patient Safety Consortium and Integrated Patient Safety Action Plan.  This involved bringing together key partners to drive a shared action plan for safer healthcare, including national organizations, provincial and territorial quality and patient safety councils, government representatives, professional associations and patient groups.  Hina was a key lead for the developments of the Steering Committee, face to face meetings, and program evaluation.  This work has garnered international attention for the unprecedented collaboration.  From 2008-2011, Hina managed the research portfolio at CPSI.  

Hina currently collaborates on the Canadian Quality and Patient Safety Framework for Health Services and alliances and networks at CPSI. 

Hina has an over decade long career in healthcare, including working at the federal and provincial level.  At Health Canada’s Health Products and Food Branch Hina was involved in consultation planning for the Western Region.  At Alberta Heath Services, Hina worked with the Clinical Quality Metrics team to coordinate a quality improvement program.  Hina’s passion is healthcare improvement and she is thrilled to be part of a team of dedicated professionals.

Hina holds a Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto as well as a graduate diploma in Health Services and Policy Research.  Hina also has a Certified Health Executive (CHE) designation.

Beyond her CPSI activities, Hina enjoys her time with her husband and two lovely children.  Hina also enjoys personal training as a certified Personal Trainer Specialist and fostering a healthier community through fitness training, nutrition support, and speaking engagements.