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​​​How do we participate in Safer Healthcare Now!?

If you are a healthcare delivery organization interested in implementing one or more of the available strategies, enrol now.

If you are a health organization interested in supporting SHN, complete the online enrolment form for partners and fax the signed copy to us.

Once your organization has enrolled, the key contact for your organization will be able to log in and update enrolment information,  If you have questions about enrolment, please contact us.

What is a partner?

Partners are health organizations such as hospital associations, health ministries, quality improvement organizations, specialty patient groups, or health authorities that have committed to supporting and promoting SHN. Many organizations provide both financial and in-kind support to SHN through their clinical expertise or through participation in SHN committees or working groups.

There are many ways to support SHN. Please contact us if you would like to help.

Is there a deadline for joining SHN, or is enrolment ongoing?

You can join at any time.

Is it possible to participate in SHN, even if we are unable to commit resources to any of the interventions at this time?

Yes. Come in, look at the available resources, and enrol. You can also join our mailing list to learn more about SHN activities. Not all facilities or teams have the resources to commit fully to all of the interventions, but all will benefit from the tools, resources, and networking opportunities. We encourage all teams to initiate some quality improvement activity related to any or all of the interventions. We welcome organizations that have enrolled in one or more of the interventions. Starting is the most important step.

Does the data requirement submission for SHN identify individual hospitals? 

No. Results of individual hospitals/organizations are not shared publicly unless the organization has provided explicit consent to do so.

Is SHN only for hospitals?

Facilities across the healthcare continuum are benefiting from SHN interventions. SHN interventions can be used in hospitals, long-term care facilities, other community settings, and home care settings. Click here to see a list o​f interventions.

What if we are already implementing programs and initiatives that are similar to SHN’s targeted interventions?

That’s great! We still encourage you to en​rol in SHN and to share your efforts and learning experiences. Participating in SHN gives you an opportunity to develop your work in new ways, participate in the data collection, and provide a fresh perspective on enhancing patient safety in your organization.

What's the cost to participate in SHN?

There is no cost to enrol or participate in SHN. The only requirement is that your organization is ready to make changes and improvements to advance safe patient care, and that you are willing to report on your progress. In most cases, this does involve the allocation of additional resources at the local level.

Our tools and resources, including the Getting Started Kits, measurement worksheets, promotional materials, and Communities of Practices for each intervention and a mentorship program are all free of charge. There are registration fees for optional collaborative events, learning sessions, and SHN workshops.  

What is a Community of Practice?

A Community of Practice (CoP) is a virtual learning community. This web-based community enables group collaboration and the ability to share knowledge and ideas. Each intervention has a CoP, which is free to join and open to anyone interested in patient safety and healthcare quality improvement. 

Does participation in SHN meet Accreditation Canada’s required organizational practices?

Accreditation Canada has a number of required organizational practices (ROPs) supporting patient safety goals in five key areas: culture, communication, medication use, workforce/worklife, and infection control. While, participation in SHN is not a mandatory component of the ROPs, Accreditation Canada recognizes the benefits of participation and encourages its members to enrol in SHN. Teams have reported that participation in SHN supports the work they need to undertake to address some ROPs.

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