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Linda HughesLinda Hughes

Linda is honoured to serve as Co-Chair of Patients for Patient Safety Canada, having been a member since 2014.

In her time with Patients for Patient Safety Canada, Linda has been an active participant in many initiatives including the Medication Safety Action Plan, and the National Patient Safety Consortium. She came away from both of those experiences enthusiastic about, and committed to, the work of Patients for Patient Safety Canada.

Linda is a retired nurse with a background in both administration and education.  She has recently completed her term as a board member of the Board of Directors at St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg, and was the Chair of the Patient Care Committee, which is responsible for monitoring patient care and safety on the Board's behalf. Linda has experience within the long-term care sector as the daughter of a resident in a personal care home and as a previous member of the Board of the Home where her mother resided for six years. As a result of these experiences, Linda possesses personal knowledge and insights into many safety issues that can and do arise both in hospital and personal care home environments.

Linda is married and with two adult children and two granddaughters, all of whom live in Winnipeg. She is committed to helping Patients for Patient Safety Canada grow in ways that will ensure that it continues to have a strong voice and influence within the healthcare system to realize the group's vision: "Every Patient Safe".

Allison KooijmanAllison Kooijman

Allison feels privileged and honoured to serve as Co-Chair of Patients for Patient Safety Canada. 

Allison worked as a Licensed Practical Nurse until she became injured as a result of a cancer misdiagnosis. Unnecessary surgery and physical harm prevented her from returning to the profession she loved. Since then, Allison has found healing and meaning in her mission to improve patient safety in Canada. She is an active member of the Patient Voices Network in British Columbia and sits on numerous provincial and national steering and oversight committees. Allison is a strong advocate for patient engagement in healthcare research, full disclosure processes after medically adverse events, and a coherent national patient safety reporting system.

Allison reaches out with empathy to both patients and healthcare providers.  Allison believes that to 'err is human' but that it is of fundamental importance to learn from our mistakes and to work collectively to ensure that future errors are prevented and healing at all levels takes place.