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Allison KooijmanAllison Kooijman

Allison feels privileged and honoured to serve as Co-Chair of Patients for Patient Safety Canada. 

Allison worked as a Licensed Practical Nurse until she became injured as a result of a cancer misdiagnosis. Unnecessary surgery and physical harm prevented her from returning to the profession she loved. Since then, Allison has found healing and meaning in her mission to improve patient safety in Canada. She is an active member of the Patient Voices Network in British Columbia and sits on numerous provincial and national steering and oversight committees. Allison is a strong advocate for patient engagement in healthcare research, full disclosure processes after medically adverse events, and a coherent national patient safety reporting system.

Allison reaches out with empathy to both patients and healthcare providers.  Allison believes that to 'err is human' but that it is of fundamental importance to learn from our mistakes and to work collectively to ensure that future errors are prevented and healing at all levels takes place.

Theresa Malloy-Miller photoTheresa Malloy-Miller

Theresa is honoured to serve as Co-Chair of Patients for Patient Safety Canada, having been a member since 2006.

In her time with Patients for Patient Safety Canada, Theresa has been an active participant in many initiatives including Knowledge Transfer Webinars on a range of Patient Safety topics. She was also able to present the Patient /Family Voice in the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) –Cleaning and Disinfection Standard (Spring 2020). Theresa has presented her son Dan's story at many conferences and meetings, particularly important to her at the introduction of the Pediatric Heart Failure Guidelines (2013).

Theresa is a retired Pediatric Occupational Therapist where her passion for Family Centred care was established. She spent many years working in Alberta and Ontario on clinical and research projects in schools and in the community, always with children who have special needs and their families.

Theresa is married and she and her husband Tim spent many summers canoeing with their two sons Ben & Dan and winters in hockey arenas. Her commitment for patient safety began with the passing of her son Dan related to a series of patient safety incidents. She is committed to helping Patients for Patient Safety Canada in their relentless efforts to ensure "Every Patient Safe".