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​​As a member of Patients for Patient Safety Canada (PFPSC), you have many different opportunities to collaborate with those who are working to improve the safety of Canada’s healthcare system. All interested patients, families, and caregivers can apply for membership.

PFPSC gives members the resources and expertise they need to help them develop greater skill and effectiveness in advocating for a safer system. Members develop a deeper understanding of the current state of patient safety in Canada and around the world, and learn about successful strategies for improvement.

By sharing your story, you’ll inspire positive system change, transforming personal tragedy into lessons that encourage preventive action.

Is Membership Right for You?

PFPSC interviews all applicants to make sure that they are interested in and ready for working with the health system to improve patient safety.

Before you apply, here are a few things to know:

  • We are not a support group. Our members have already gone through much of their healing and are interested in being effective partners with the system.
  • We do not advise or advocate for those who have made complaints or brought lawsuits against institutions or practitioners. We do not automatically reject applicants who are or have been involved in lawsuits or the complaints process. However, we do focus on partnership and collaboration and cannot do this when members take an adversarial or confrontational approach.
  • We do not use language that makes it difficult to partner with healthcare providers and organizations. We avoid terms like “negligence” and “incompetence,” and we do not assign blame to individual practitioners, hospitals, nursing homes, regulatory bodies, or governments.
  • We treat one another and our partners with great courtesy. We handle disagreements respectfully, without anger or personal attacks.

Ultimately, PFPSC is right for you if you are a team player who shares our vision: Every patient safe.

Membership Criteria

Completed applications will be reviewed by the Membership Group of PFPSC to ensure that individuals seeking membership meet the following criteria:

  1. Prospective members should support the PFPSC Charter, including our Vision, Mission and Goals.     
  2. Prospective members should have:
    • Direct experience with an adverse event or harm as a patient, family member or friend; and/or
    • Significant experience interacting with healthcare providers as a patient or the caregiver of a patient; and/or
    • Experience in working to improve patient safety and/or quality of care1.
  3. Prospective members should:
    • Be willing to work locally but also with regional, provincial, national, and international groups to address patient safety issues;
    • Be prepared to serve on PFPSC committees and work groups;
    • Be willing to work in partnership with governments, healthcare organizations, healthcare providers, and or policy makers to advance patient safety;
    • If able, be willing to tell their own patient safety story publicly and identify its lessons for others;
    • Be committed to advancing the PFPSC agenda rather than a personal agenda;
    • Declare any potential or perceived conflicts of interest that might interfere with the work or reputation of PFPSC;
    • Be prepared to offer a minimum time commitment of 2 hours per month to the work of PFPSC.

If membership is right for you email to apply.  While those with a keen interest in, and professional experience with, patient safety are welcome to apply for membership, we want to ensure that a majority of our members will always be those with direct experience of harm from healthcare either as patients themselves or as family members.

For more information or to apply contact or 1-866-421-6933 ext. 7261 or 780-498-7261.