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After much consultation (ASK), a third party evaluation (LISTEN) and board approval (TALK), the Canadian Patient Safety Institute launched our 2013-2018 Business Plan, Patient Safety Forward with Four, which aims to align patient safety in Canada and focuses on four goals and four areas of focus. 

Our four goals to move us forward are:

  1. The Canadian Patient Safety Institute will provide leadership on the establishment of a National Integrated Patient Safety Strategy.
  2. The Canadian Patient Safety Institute will inspire and sustain patient safety knowledge within the system, and through innovation, enable transformational change.
  3. The Canadian Patient Safety Institute will build and influence patient safety capability (knowledge and skills) at organizational and system levels.
  4. The Canadian Patient Safety Institute will engage all audiences across the health system in the national patient safety agenda.

The National Integrated Patient Safety Strategy, is the overarching strategic goal, and will provide a framework and leadership for identifying priorities.  A mechanism for the Canadian Patient Safety Institute to achieve this strategic goal was to convene a National Patient Safety Consortium to advance and Integrated Patient Safety Action Plan. Bringing together key partners in Canadian healthcare to focus on some of the biggest patient safety challenges, and engaging them to align the work they are doing with some common goals, will provide the synergy and coordination needed to accelerate the pace of patient safety improvement.

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Four Priority Areas:

Together with our partners, we have identified four initial priority areas of focus, they are:

  1. Medication safety
  2. Surgical care safety
  3. Infection prevention and control
  4. Home care safety

These initial priorities will be tested through the multi-year Integrated Patient Safety Action Plan, with patient safety education being a foundational underpinning to advancing improvement.

The Integrated Patient Safety Action Plan is the centre of attention for Patient Safety Forward with Four and shared purpose stemming from the Consortium that will drive all of our commitment and communications going forward.  Course correction will be influenced by operational and policy direction of provincial/territorial and national partners and Consortium participants.