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CPSI Share                                                  
2/13/2011 5:00 PM

Celebrating Canadian Patient Safety Week Series

The Quality and Patient Safety Team at St. John’s Rehab in Toronto say staff and patients have a greater understanding of their role in patient safety following Canadian Patient Safety Week.

Comprised of Sonia Jacobs, Director of Quality and Patient Safety and Decision Support and Privacy Officer; Wendy Hooper, Manager of Quality and Patient Safety; and Shadan Fallahi, Patient and Staff Safety Advisor, the Quality and Patient Safety Team worked hard to ensure the week was a success and that message behind Canadian Patient Safety Week – Good Healthcare Starts with Good Communication - was delivered.

For all three members of the Quality and Patient Safety Team, the highlight of the week was seeing patients engaged in their own safety and the impact it had on some during their stay in hospital, especially for one patient who was admitted during the week. The patient and her family were encouraged by the focus the staff at St. John’s Rehab placed on patient safety.

“It made her feel more at home, especially on her first night in hospital. That was a really positive experience for all of us,” Jacobs says.

Hooper says taking part in CPSW was very energizing for the entire staff, giving everyone a chance to reflect on patient safety, see where things are working as well as what is needed to improve patient safety. Effort was made to ensure that all staff could get involved, regardless of their role or shift schedule.

To accomplish this, a Mobile Patient Safety Information Cart was taken to all the inpatient units throughout the course of all three shifts – something Hooper says the staff appreciated. In addition to educating people, staff and patients were encouraged to get in on the fun by testing their knowledge of patient safety in exchange for a treat and a chance to win a prize at the end of the week.

Hooper says one patient in particular has been actively taking part in the week’s activities and even visited the Canadian Patient Safety Institute’s website to learn more about patient safety. He also accompanied the Mobile Patient Safety Information Cart as it travelled throughout the hospital, encouraging staff and his fellow patients to participate and providing his personal insights and perspective on patient safety.

Canadian Patient Safety Week also provided St. John’s Rehab with the perfect opportunity to launch their Quality and Patient Safety Dashboards – a paper-based quality improvement strategy that Jacobs says will, “make the data come alive.”

The Dashboard shows trends in data and will be used to engage front-line staff members by demonstrating the progress their efforts to improve patient safety are having on patient care.