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CPSI Share                                                  
5/8/2013 6:00 PM

The Patient Safety Education Program Canada (PSEP – Canada) core curriculum has been enhanced to include five new modules focused on patient safety in mental health. A ‘first of its kind’, the modules address the unique issues that people dealing with mental illness face every day when receiving care. 

The mental health modules identify specific safety issues facing persons with mental illness, including suicide and self-harm, violence and aggressive behavior, seclusion and restraint use, and absconding and missing patients.  The objective of each module is to raise awareness of individual and system factors that contribute to these safety issues, and to identify the steps and strategies for their prevention.

The modules look at how the care approaches that are linked to safer outcomes, such as recovery-orientated, client-centred and trauma-informed care promote client and staff safety. The mental health modules were developed in collaboration with the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) and the Canadian Patient Safety Institute

“The diverse modules provide guidance based on the best available evidence and articulate safety for the mental health client population in various care settings” says Ann Pottinger, Discipline Chief for Nursing and Manager of Nursing Innovation, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and a member of the expert faculty that helped to develop the modules.  “The modules look at the individual and systemic factors in your practice, in your team and at an organizational level that are needed to promote safer outcomes.”

“When it comes to mental health, care promoting a trauma-informed and least restrictive setting where you can balance freedom and choice with safety and security, leads to safer environments,” adds Ann Pottinger.  “The user-friendly modules are a rich source of information and can be customized to enhance both basic and complex quality improvement and safety discussions throughout your organization.”

PSEP – Canada helps healthcare organizations to strengthen quality improvement and patient safety initiatives within their facilities. It is delivered as a two-day, peer-to-peer education event that certifies members of inter-professional teams as patient safety trainers. The curriculum is comprised of core patient safety content and effective teaching approaches to enable certified trainers to share their acquired knowledge and skills with others members of their team and organization. For more information, visit and click on Education.