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6/4/2014 6:00 PM

Patients for Patient Safety Canada co-chairs Donna Davis and Carol Kushner were feted as recipients of the 2014 Quality of Life Award from the Canadian College of Health Leaders. The award was presented at the CCHL’s National Awards Gala in Banff, Alberta on June 1.

The Quality of Life Award honours those who work to improve the lives of their patients and their families as well as the community through their desire, creativity and dedication. It is a celebration of the human spirit. The CCHL’s National Awards Advisory Committee chose Donna and Carol for their dedication to and impact on improving patient safety in Canada.

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“Congratulations to Donna and Carol for this tremendous honour,” said Canadian Patient Safety Institute CEO Hugh MacLeod. “ We can never properly repay Donna and Carol, along with every member of Patients for Patient Safety Canada, for the amazing things they do to bring the human side of healthcare into our work.”

Both Donna and Carol and long-standing members of Patients for Patient Safety Canada and use their own personal experiences of harm in healthcare as a motivator to improve the safety and quality of healthcare in Canada.

Donna’s son Vance was 19-years-old when the severity of his head injury following a car accident was misdiagnosed. She says Vance remains with her always, especially in her work as co-chair of Patients for Patient Safety Canada.

“Every time I tell Vance’s story I’m honoring his life,” says Donna. “Vance was a fixer in life. Now he’s a fixer in death. I’m hopeful, really hopeful, that things are changing.”

After experiencing the death of her father, Ken, and later the death of her friend, Lorraine, Carol Kushner knows first-hand the importance of a kind healthcare system.

“I want the healthcare system to be more humane, more empathetic — kinder,” says Carol. “We are all human beings.”

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