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CPSI Share                                                    
5/4/2015 6:00 PM

​​As I reflect and highlight the areas of patient safety where I have witnessed “power plays” this month, I am impressed by the skill, commitment and passion applied to an extremely critical area of healthcare.

This month’s “Power Play” belongs to Health Canada for their contribution of $2 million per year to support additional research to better understand and address the health challenges posed by anti-microbial resistant infections.

One of CPSI's priorities is Infection Prevention and Control and we commend Health Canada for their support to this important area. In fact, as part of STOP! Clean Your Hands Day this month, the Public Health Agency of Canada, Accreditation Canada, Infection Prevention and Control Association of Canada and CPSI have partnered to showcase all the fantastic Clean Shots that have been submitted to us.

We have been blown away by everyone’s creativity and had so much fun seeing the action shots of dedicated healthcare providers committed to Infection Prevention and Control.  

Your passion, combined with Health Canada's investment into better understanding anti-microbial resistant infections ensures that the work to protect patients from deadly hospital-acquired infections will continue.

Who does your Power Play this month go out to? Share your Patient Safety Power Play with me at

Yours in patient safety,

Chris Power