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3/30/2011 6:00 PM

​​It has been six months since the Patient Safety Crosswalk was launched, and the response from the patient safety community has been remarkable. Thanks to the contributions of several organizations across the country and beyond, the Crosswalk has established itself as a go-to resource for sharing and learning in the patient safety community. Since its launch, Crosswalk has attained some significant milestones:

  • 16,000 page views
  • 240 articles posted
  • More than 75 organizations currently contributing to Crosswalk
  • Contributions from international organizations, including one in Sao Paulo, Brazil – a distance of 10,685 km  from our location in Canada!

“The uptake has been tremendous and we are pleased to see the number of organizations participating,” says Ali Alidina, Information Manager at the Canadian Patient Safety Institute.  “Crosswalk was launched to track what was happening across the country during Canadian Patient Safety Week last fall and the participants have been very supportive and continue to use this tool as a valuable source of patient safety and quality improvement information.”

We invite you to read some of the user feedback from Crosswalk contributors below.  To provide us with your feedback, please take a few minutes to complete our online survey so that we can make Crosswalk your go-to resource for the latest information on patient safety.  The survey is available in both English and French – click on the links and complete the survey today!

Coming soon – the Improving Care Search Centre!

Information on the Patient Safety Crosswalk will become even more accessible in May when the Canadian Patient Safety Institute launches the Improving Care Search Centre – a Google-like search centre which will bring patient safety and quality improvement information from across Canada and around the world together in one place.  Website visitors will be able to view Crosswalk news feeds on a customized dashboard within the Improving Care Search Centre alongside other great patient safety feeds like a calendar of events or a @SafeCareLibrary Twitter feed. CPSI is inviting organizations to register for the Improving Care Search Centre launch, which will take place on May 3rd.

As part of the Improving Care Search Centre, you can also register your organization to become part of CPSI’s Improving Care Alliance, which will allow your organization’s information to be searched and appear on our site; your organization will receive its own profile page featuring your logo, organization description and website link. For further information, please email Cecilia Bloxom, Director of Communications at

Patient Safety Crosswalk Feedback:

Camilla Covello, director of the International Services at IQG, lead organization for the Brazilian National Accreditation Program:

IQG has partnered with Accreditation Canada to provide quality and patient safety accreditation in Brazil. IQG is using the information posted to Crosswalk to help mitigate risk and spread national and international concepts of best practice care. Camilla Covello says that Crosswalk helps to promote and strengthen local initiatives in quality and patient safety:

"The information on Crosswalk is an invaluable tool in incorporating patient safety polices into Brazilian and Latin American healthcare organizational strategies. Positioning quality and patient safety is a top priority for IQG in Brazilian healthcare and the information on Crosswalk is a useful tool in helping to achieve our objectives and safety results."

Bernadette MacDonald, Vice-President, Programs and Services, Accreditation Canada:

“Accreditation Canada is pleased to participate in the Patient Safety Crosswalk,” says Bernadette MacDonald.  “It offers a convenient, central place for participating organizations to share resources and highlight particular activities they are pursuing to enhance patient safety at a system level.”  

Tim Closson, President and CEO of the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA):

"Patient Safety Crosswalk is an excellent opportunity for the OHA to help raise awareness about our patient safety initiatives on a national scale,” says Tom Closson. “This includes educational events, such as the Patient Safety certificate course; valuable resources like the 2010 Guidebook to Patient Safety Leading Practices and Patient Safety Award; and our recent achievements, available online through the Quality and Patient Safety Plan 2010-2013 - Year 1 Status Update. Since its launch, the OHA has supported the Crosswalk initiative because we believe it is important to share information that can help improve patient safety and quality of care with a large network of people and organizations - patients and those working in the field.”