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​​In the middle of May, our Edmonton team moved into new offices after being in the same space since CPSI’s inception in 2004. There are many emotions that come with uprooting yourself and sorting through ten years of commitment.

This month’s Patient Safety Power Play goes to every project each of us has worked on that has made a difference in the care of Canadians.  We move quickly in life, and I believe it is important to take the time to reflect and feel pride in what we HAVE DONE.

For CPSI, some of the larger pieces of work that happened in this ten-year span include:

  • Safer Healthcare Now!, establishing interventions and working with faculties across the country
  • The Canadian Disclosure Guidelines helping providers with appropriate disclosure 
  • The creation of Patients for Patient Safety Canada that now boasts more than 70 members bringing the patient voice to all of our projects
  • Global Patient Safety Alerts, bringing together the international community of reporting, learning and sharing 
  • Effective Governance for Quality Improvement and the toolkits and courses that help boards across Canada govern effectively

This is just a snapshot of our walk down memory lane as we packed up boxes and moved our passion for patient safety into a new office space. Speaking of passion…I was so impressed by the Atlantic Learning Exchange in Dartmouth and the Canadian Patient Safety Officer Course in Ottawa and to see the ideas, commitment and networks that exist in patient safety. The excitement is alive and it’s contagious!

I would love to hear about the projects that you have worked on over the past decade that have brought you great pride. What impact have they had to patient safety? Send me an email at and we may profile them for the country to see.