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5/29/2012 6:00 PM

​​On Monday, May 7, 2012, healthcare organizations across the country celebrated the third national STOP! Clean Your Hands Day, coinciding with the World Health Organization’s global initiative, “Save Lives: Clean Your Hands”.

Almost 1,000 Canadian healthcare organizations registered to participate in STOP! Clean Your Hands Day and received a hand hygiene package that included stickers, bookmarks, newsletters and a case of hand sanitizer.  In addition, early registrants were entered into a draw for hand hygiene care packages and gift certificates to purchase hand hygiene materials from the Canadian Patient Safety Institute online store.

A sticker competition, Stick it to Hand Hygiene!, was created as a creative way to engage healthcare workers, patients and family members in the promotion of optimal hand hygiene to reduce the occurrence of hospital-acquired infections.  The competition yielded 33 entries, with the sticker created by Hôpital Montfort  selected as the winning design. Some 200,000 stickers were then printed and distributed to healthcare organizations across the country that registered for STOP! Clean Your Hands Day.  A short video of the creative entries received is available at:

STOP! Clean Your Hands Day was celebrated across the country with innovative displays, posters, presentations, hand hygiene audits, glo-germ demonstrations and much more.  A cardiac care team from Alberta Health Services organized a flash mob dance to celebrate their commitment to excellent hand hygiene.  Many organizations used social media to talk about hand hygiene with postings on both Twitter and Facebook; and the website had over 3,000 page views on STOP! Clean Your Hands Day.

A National Call in English and French with 100 attendees was held to generate a dialogue around effective hand hygiene practices; and a new tool promoting optimal hand hygiene in home care settings was also profiled.  Click on the link to access the archived National Call.

To assist organizations in their planning, two Coach’s Corner Hand Hygiene webinars were held in advance of STOP! Clean Your Hands Day.  The webinars included team presentations on hand hygiene and infection prevention; detailed the WHO Call to Action; outlined liberating structures as a quick and easy method to tap into the energy and collective intelligence of a group to create, adapt and build on ideas that get results; and illustrated the model for improvement and the power of the Plan-Do-Study-Act in accelerating system change.

Canada’s Hand Hygiene Challenge is an initiative of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute; infection prevention and control initiatives are provided through its flagship program, Safer Healthcare Now!  For more information on Canada’s Hand Hygiene Challenge, visit